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2007 Silver CBR1100XX Blackbird - Wrecking / Parts

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Blackbird2k6, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. #1 Blackbird2k6, Sep 26, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
    2007 Silver CBR1100XX Blackbird Wrecking / Parts - 26,500Km

    Will sell the lot for $1800.
    Contact me for more info / pics.
    Some Pics are up on Photobucket

    Parts that have already sold
    Instrument Cluster, Clip Ons, Givi Rack / Plate, Givi E52 Top Box, RHS switch block,Rear Tyre, Seat, ECU, Ignition Barrel,Tank Filler, Centre Stand, Yoshi Headers, RHS front brake lever assembly inc MC, Black Double Bubble Screen, RHS Rear Indicator, Radiator, Radiator Fan OEM Clear Screen,Reg / Rec, Front and Rear Wheel Rims, Chain Guard,Forks, Ohlins Rear Spring - 01092-69/170, Rear suspension Shock and Spring,Coolant Bottle,

    Parts still for Sale
    Engine - Complete except damaged stator cover (stator appears ok),
    (slightly scratched clutch cover) inc. throttle bodies, starter motor, water pump etc.
    (Engine was running perfectly until 22/07/2012, All Cylinders have been oiled,motor turned over, all inlets and exhausts lubricated and covered.) - with full service history $1,000

    Airbox (inc Inlet trumpets) $80
    Oil Cooler (inc lines) $100
    Triple Clamps$120
    Front Fender scratched$50

    Front Tyre - Bridgestone BattleAx BT-54F 1720/70ZR17 (70% tread) $40
    Front Brake Discs x 2$60

    Front Brake Calipers x 2 (inc all lines)$150
    LHS clutch lever assembly inc MC$50
    LHS Switch Block Indicator switch $50

    Frame$250 - Prefer to sell with Engine
    Fuel Tank (no dents) without Filler Cap$350

    RHS Mirror / Indicator (lightly scratched)$30
    Rear Subframe$140
    Rear Subframe Tray$70
    Front Foot Assembly x 2 $150
    Rear Pillion Assembly x 2$120
    Side stand$30
    Gear Lever$25

    Rear Swingarm$150

    Rear Cowling LHS light scratches $60
    Rear Handle$30
    Rear Brake Disc$40
    Rear Brake Assembly inc MC and hoses$130

    Front Sprocket$15
    Rear Sprocket $20
    OEM 530 Chain$40

    Rear Tail Light$30
    Main Wiring Loom$150
    Rear Subframe Wiring Loom$80

    Parts removed at 11,000Km
    OEM Headers (O2 sensor cut out) $40
    OEM Exhaust Mufflers x 2 $60

  2. Unable to edit or delete this post. This is now outdated so have posted a current one.
  3. Is this the one you bought recently, If so, What happened to it, Did you injure your self,
  4. Hey,

    no this is the one I got knocked off from 6 months ago.

    My 2nd one is running sweet :)
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