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2007 R6...when do we get it

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fabo, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. I have just ordered a 2007 R6...told will be here in a few weeks

    Just surfing the net to read about the 2007 model...when it will be officially released and what changes if any...there is no mention anywhere about the 07 model....but my dealer assured it will be here in 2-3 weeks.....can anyone confirm this is true

    any yamaha execs here???

  2. Wow!!
    How much are the 2007 R6's going for?
  3. They look sweet as, although they have ditched the stumpy exhaust and gone back to an old school side pipe, what's the deal I thought they would have come up with something a little more stylish.
  4. No they havent. You are thinking of the R6-S, which is basically the same as the '05 R6.
  5. Who cares, its a yamaha. :)
  6. So then where can I find pics of the 07 R6.

    Oh and Donkey shut your face. Your just prejudice towards all Yammies :grin:

    You just hate blue people don't... there will be a revolution. :)
  7. No pictures of the 07 have been released yet, if anything it will just be a colour change apparently.

    Im planning on a test riding a '06 next week, though im leaning more toward the K6 GSX-R750.
  8. the R6 retails from anywhere from $ 16K to 17.5K

    I just rang Yamaha Australia direct...they told me they should be here in 3-4 weeks

    There is no changes except maybe for the decals
  9. Soon enough... just you wait. :)
  10. i'd be concerned about buying a bike from a manufacturer that doesn't know what year it is. :twisted:
  11. $17k+orc? Sounds a bit too pricey for a 600. The GSXR1000 could be had as far back as 6 months ago for 17k on road.
    The 600 and 750 incarnations are usually 1000-1500 less again.
  12. What a shame, its a fugly bike, in pics and real life.

    LPC don't even start you and i both know its just plain fugly.
  13. no $ 17K on the road ( dealers recommended price )

    I paid $ 15K :grin:

    Fluffy....its cool you think its ugly....thats what makes life so interesting...people with different tastes..wouldnt it be boring if we all had the same taste and we all rode the same bikes :?
  14. i think its the best looking 600 out there at the moment. All bikes seem to be going under seat exhuast except on the r6 and gsxr600.

    Way to go - interesting to see what colours they release, im bummed they didnt release the anniversary clolour one here.
  15. picked mine up today :grin:

    what can i say.........totally f*98n awesome :shock:

    the dealer was telling me that the flat spot under 8K rom had gone and he was right.....revs a lot more smoother than the 06s

    this thing is a serious weapon........
  16. Enjoy it! Sounds like a weapon indeed!
  17. what color did you get?

    i have a black '06 and the difference between 06 and 07 is just the extra bit of fairing on the side is silver not grey.
  18. Saw one go out of the shop yesterday. Sweet bike (but we are R6 biased) with little change from last years.