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2007 R1 owners or people in the know feedback

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Smitizen, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. So as the title states, owners or people who know, is there any outstanding positives or negatives you know about that are worth mentioning?

    Good for twisties, commute, tall gearing, excess exhaust heat or faults of any kind?

    Anything you think worth a mention please pop up here as i'd love some first hand feedback.

    I'm having a good hard think about getting one of these that's popped up for a good price.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I will describe my personal observations very simply :

    Beautiful bike, aggressive, yet friendly enough for road riding, comfortable seating position, more of a 'sit up' rather than 'sit into' bike, as is the case with other Litre's, such as the GSXR. Some choose to also commute with such a bike.
    Excellent handling, gracious lines and with the right pipes/bling, a REAL head-turner. For what you're paying, you'd be entering a fraternity of supersport awesomeness.

    As you are no doubt aware, the 2007 is identical to the 2008 apart from minor differences (eg paint schemes). The stopping power of the front 6 pot brakes is phenomenal. Through my own personal experiences, riding my '08 R1 is special, each and every time. You'll be struggling to wipe the grin off your face.

    If you plan on taking it to the track, you'll find it's an excellent choice, due it its fine handling and aggressive inner traits, which love to be made apparent when it's unleased. I suspect this isn't your first litre bike. If it is, treat it (as you would with any bike) with ultimate respect. Above around 6000 RPM, give 'er a steady kick and hold on to the reigns...first time you give it some you'll never forget the experience.

    To answer some of your questions :

    Twisties : The R1 is a fantastic bike for carving up twisties. It's handling, as mentioned numerous times above make for enjoyable, fully controlled and confidence-inspiring riding.

    Tall gearing : When I first purchased my R1, I found (after becoming accustomed with the bikes power delivery 'down-low') that it seemed to be a little 'mushy' below around 5000 RPM. To eliminate this, you may choose to take a tooth off the front sproket - I have carried this out with both my litre bikes (smiles), giving me more 'punch' down low...this is certainly NOT required with a bike such as the R1, merely a personal preference.

    Excess heat : It's no lie, especially with high mounted, under seat exhausts that the R1 DOES get warm, especially noticeable during the warmer months. There are mods to eliminate the heat dissipation from your pipes (exhaust wrap). This was never a problem for me, though some may beg to differ. If it does become an issue, consider the mod, as mentioned.

    Lastly, as the seat height of the R1 is at 835mm, some riders may find this the only 'limitation' (I put that lightly) of the R1, as they may not be able to have both feet firmly planted on terra firma when stationary. Under 5'10" is where it may be an issue to some, each to their own. Another important aspect of purchasing a bike is its 'feel' - if you haven't sat on one yet, try it out and be your own judge.

    Anyway, hope the above helps.
    Safe, happy riding and in particular, good luck with the purchase.

    PS - What colour is it ? ;)

    Cheers mate.
  3. Champion! TY! Great little informative write up.

    And answers to your questions - Firstly, yes it has Yoshi carbon slip-ons, secondly yes, this would be my first litre bike and finally the colour i'm looking at is black.

    Fingers crossed the inspection goes to plan.
  4. its an R1 -- there is no drawbacks
  5. I like how motolegion thinks (y)

    Smitizen :
    You're off to a GREAT start with the bike being black ;) (I speak with much bias here)
    Check this link out : https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=114119 (that's my R1).

    Know someone else who has installed Yoshi carbon fibre's on his Black R1...I fear you are in danger of entering an awesome era of riding (y)

    Good luck mate.
  6. LOL a touch of bias perhaps?
  7. Yeah i've had a look at your pics before, awesome bike!
    And yeah i'm gettin pretty pumped. Hopefully the weather starts to come good ASAP! I'll be single in no time.

  8. actually a shit load of bias

    as Sprinter says - riding a kawasaki , suzuki , honda is like gay sex - sure it works but its still gay :)
  9. LMFAO =D>
  10. Obscene. The bike is just obscene. So after a full inspection of a few bikes i settled on the black '07. 300km's later, just f@*#ing straight WOW. My arms now stretch down to my ankles.

    WHAT. A. BIKE.

    Will post pics up asap.
  11. hurry.the.****.up ;)
  12. Firstly, awesome mate !!! Looking fwd to seeing your pics (y)
    Secondly, we'll have to organise a ride...calling all Black R1's ;)
    Onya champ.