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2007 r1 :d :d :d :p

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by angusf, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Just telling everybody I can. lol.

    Over the moon.

    7K k's on the clock, absolutely immaculate.


  2. Hi mate, welcome to the forums, nice bike!
  3. Nice bike. Well done. And welcome.
  4. Welcome to Netrider, angusf.
    Nice bike too ! Reminds me a little of someone else's that I know... ;)
    Congrats, she's very sexy.
  5. Thx guys. Finally not imbarrased about my bike to stop lurking and start posting lol.
    Cant wait to get it out on the open roads and onto the twisites...Riding the clutch round the CBD blows!
  6. Nice bike hope you enjoy it
  7. mate so long as youve got a motorbike theres nothing to be embarrassed about. We love all bikes although some might hate hyos and i secretly hate bike riders :p............those exercise freaks are just too toned for my liking lol
  8. Nice!!! These things are killer and I'd know! Beautiful example!!
  9. is that a good thing?
  10. I'd even be a bit broader than that. A motorcyclist is anybody who self identifies that way. Anybody who likes bikes is in. Doubly so it you know how to ride them and have even owned one. I wouldn't be excluding anybody from the brotherhood just because they're between bikes.
  11. What about people on pushies with a whipper-snipper motor on board - do they count as well?
  12. I can agree with the being embarrassed thing. I only recently got a bike i wasn't embarrassed about, and now it's broken. :(

    Pretty sexy thing you got there!
  13. Depends if they paddle it and look toned.................if they look like a slob like me then they are OK :p
  14. Even if the whipper snipper engine has an aftermarket pipe?
  15. The one I hear around Liverpool is bloody loud... definitely no baffle.
  16. me likey - needs gold bling
  17. Shweeeet.
  18. Very tasty ride. You enjoy!
  19. Awesome bike! Enjoy!