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2007 MV Augusta F4CC

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by unknorm, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. http://www.mvagustausa.com/web-mvagusta/07_F4_CC.html

    Only $120,000 USD!


    I don't like the look of the bike in the pic anywhere near other MV Augusta's I have seen. Almost mistaking it for a gixxer at first look.
  2. Does it come in pink??/?
  3. Fagelers?
  4. I'm straight, just merry... :p
  5. if they take cheques i'll have 4. nah i don't like it, especially the front light.... i liked it in the herald sun bike show ads a few months ago. but on closer inspection. myeh.
  6. They are $185,000 plus on road aus. I was shown a e-mail at work from MV Agusta
  7. I didnt see any solid gold with encrusted diamonds on the dam thing? :? :LOL: :p
  8. 1 - What a lot of money ??

    2 - I would be too scared to ride it incase I got a mark on it ?

    3 - Big Investment - Who would insure It ?
  9. For that sort of money, you'd be better off grabbing a 2007 model Japanese litre-bike, and completely race kitting it out using SBK spec items, and it'd still only cost half as much. Of course, then it wouldn't be an MV Agusta, but you'd have to ask yourself how much is in a name?
  10. At least you get a nice watch....
  11. Yeah. but it's not a Hayabusa. :grin:

    a LOT of money just for the wank/look how exclusive I am.

    I can see a few rich architects trading in their 1098S for one.
    I'm sure it would go well with the brown corduroy pants and turtle neck skivvy, rectangular spectacle wearing, latte sipping, cafe crew.
  12. dont think more than 10 of them will ever do more than a couple of hundread k's

    theyll most likely sit in some rich guy's massive garage
  13. I work at an MV dealer and we have sold and delivered the only one in Australia so far.
    I agree that it is a lot of money, until you see it in person.
    I sat around just looking at it for longer than I have done with any other bike, ever.
    I can't wait until I have an opportunity to cast my eyes over a desmosedici. I reckon that will be pretty special too.
  14. Can't disagree with any of that, but where is the line between a motorcycle, who's reason to exist is to move to soul, but which costs too much to ride, and a piece of engineering art, who's sole purpose is to be looked at?
  15. Add two more zeros to that price and that's how much money i would have to have before I even would consider a bike like that.
  16. Why not just buy a ducati desmodeci for half the price, twice the wank factor, and a better bike in every respect?

    I like the mv...but there a 17k bike, dressed up as a 120k bike.
  17. I thought the $70K my mate paid for his tamborini was alot.

    Guess what, he has done about 400km on it in 12 months
  18. did it have 3 services in that time frame too? lol
  19. Because a DesmoRR costs another $60,000USD more than the CC?

    How are they $17,000 bikes?
  20. There $60,000 USD as far as i know...Atleast thats the pricing that was originally floating around....has that changed man? We should order one of each and race them?

    I dont invision it being 100k better than an r1....or even 20k.

    And i love the ducati's and mv's but, i cant see the price in this mv. Looks...run of the mill...