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2007 MotoGP Preview

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. The 2007 MotoGP Championship kicks off on March 8 as all the teams head to Qatar with their brand new, freshly painted & polished, finely crafted pieces of motorcycle jewelry. Bling for blokes I like to call it. The biggest story is we are actually are starting a season with several riders having a serious shot at the title. For the last six years, it has been a simple case of who can challenge Valentino. The usual answer was nobody, as he thoroughly educated Kenny Roberts Jnr, Max Biaggi and Sete Gibernau on how to ride fast. The last two men were left shattered and broken and now no longer take part in the premier class championship although Max Biaggi is showing his class and speed in World Superbike.

    The other big story from 2006 was the emergence of Nicky Hayden as more than a damn fine looking slack jawed yokel. The boy can really ride. He handled the terrible political treatment from HRC, Danni Pedrosa and the entire non-American press corp with style and aplomb. It was he who had the last laugh at Valencia realizing his boyhood dream of becoming WORLD MOTOGP CHAMPION!!

    (Everyone upstanding with hand on chest and cue American national anthem…)

    There are some other minor stories to deal with such as the slight removal of 190 cc from the engines of the big bikes this year all done in the name of safety. I have viewed this development with some humour as the technical boffins have quickly regained the lost displacement by making the bike faster mid corner, and lap times have already smashed the 990 times. The safety bikes have also already high sided John Hopkins at 120 mph. Ouch.

    Honda, in typical Honda fashion, had there bikes fully painted, ready to test during Nicky Haydens warm down lap at Valencia. They have probably put 4563 laps of testing into it already, and will be very quick from the word go. It is a positively tiny machine built entirely for Danni Pedrosa and Nicky will just have to do his best to fit on it. Both guys will be fast in 2007, but could steal points from each other during the season.

    Yamaha had a shaky start to 2006 after they made there first crap handling chassis in 4 years. The engineer responsible has eaten the wrong part of the blowfish, and they got back on track towards the end of the year with a massive surge for the title. The new bike looks almost identical, so I reckon they have just shaved a few mill off the top of the block for 2007. Vale would be fast even on a yellow roller skate, so it doesn’t really matter what he rides, but he needs some help from Colin Edwards II this year, who has again shown some blistering pre-season form, but the doubts will still remain whether he can cut it during a race.

    If they awarded the championship based on looks (and frankly I think they should), the bright red bikes from Bologna would be given the win, and we would all head off and eat pasta and drink some wine. Hooray!! Ducati have been fast in pre season testing, and they have added some snazzy chrome strips to their bikes which are good for at least 40 hp. With the addition of Casey Stoner, they can still keep the majority of the factory employed in crafting hand made parts of unobtanium, carved by virgins in the hills of Northern Italy. I will state this now. Loris Capirossi, at 36 years of age, will still be faster than Casey Stoner. Argue away.

    The surprise of the year could actually come from Suzuki. Usually suffering from a lack of development they were surprisingly quick getting there 800 cc bikes ready. A big jump in improvement of the Bridgestone tires will also help so they could be an improving force in 2007. Both riders are quick, but I think Hopkins had a slight edge over Chris the V. in terms of outright speed, but both are excellent racers. I love the photos of Hopkins dragging elbows over curbing at Valencia. Awesome. He is also starting the season as any good rider should, battered and bruised.

    Kawasaki have been very quite during the preseason testing, and think 2007 will be a struggle for the smallest of the Japanese teams. The dark horse for the year will the KR team. Freshly powered by Honda, Kenny Roberts Snr, signed his soul over to the devil for MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF HORSEPOWER!!! He has already got the new 800 cc Honda motor in his frame, which is well ahead of the development curve for his small overachieving team. The new bike is not pretty (looks like a carbon fibre letter box with wheels) but should go alright. The Illmor designed X3 with Jeremy McWiliams and Andrew Pitt aboard will be an unknown quantity, but initial testing times are not positive, and we have seen several efforts from F1 engineers fail in MotoGP before.

    That wraps up the teams, but I see the championship coming down to several riders. Nicky Hayden, and Danni Pedrosa will battle all year to be the numero uno rider at HRC but they will also be pushed by a healthy and crazy Marco Melandri. The main challenger to these three will be Valentino Rossi. It will come down to how pissed off he is at finally losing to someone, a taste he is not familiar with. That leaves Loris Capirossi with an outside chance at the title. I am personally going to root for the oldest, smallest and craziest Italian but I’m not that partial…
  2. :applause: :applause: :applause: Well done Markie boy - love the preview... :grin:
  3. Good preview. Could you do a RIDER preview in terms of current or lingering injuries, and what impact that might have on early or long term abilities???
  4. Thanks Hornet.

    Nicky Hayden:

    Probably the biggest concern. After a rebuilt shoulder from the now infamous Estoril Incident, and a lack of pre-season testing, he could be a little slower starting out of the blocks than the rest. I have wrecked a shoulder before, and they heal slow and weak.

    John Hopkins:

    Had a massive accident (120 mph highside) in pre-season testing that has knocked him around a bit. Rumours of a thousand broken bones littered the internet, but he is tough as nails and I expect him at full strength before the start of the season. Chris the V will be pushed hard because of it. John Hopkins seems to relish these challenges.

    The Italians

    They have all remained incident free in the pre season. Injuries hit Marco Melandri, Valentino Rossi and Loris Capriossi hard last season definetley ending a few championship hopes and slowing all up for several races, but the are fit, fueled on double strength lattes and ready to go for the start of the season.

    The Rest

    Casey Stoner has had a few offs in pre-season testing (Surprise, Surprise :roll: ) but has remained fit and healthy. All the rest are in a similar boat. Dani Pedrosa is also fully fit and with a new bike made to fit him, will probably be the fast guy out of the blocks.
  5. uber w00t!! its back both the GP an marks reviews.

    great review man.. i cant wait for the action to start.

    go chris the V and vale!
  6. Arrrr, the never ending story of who will be top dog at HRC,

    Not since the departure of the great almighty Mick Doohan has anyone really been a true number one,
    Craville, Biaggi, Hayden.............................

    all fantastic riders in their own rights, and two worlds champs among them in Repsol colours, (poor Max :-({|= ), but make no mistake who pays the bills to make a spanish rider a world champ.

    As for the season, hmmmmmm
    Vale v's Pedrosa,
    with honorable mentions to about 6 others

    Love your work Mark

  7. Just warning everybody it's on Saturday, not Sunday.

    I could imagine nothing worse than staying up late on a Sunday night, a beer chilled only to find some d1ckhead from big brother is trying to teach you to spell apple.

    Spree killings have been sparked over smaller things.
  8. Excellent stuff, it's clear the end-of-season break hasn't affected your form!

    I agree with you about Capirossi v Stoner, if only because Casey still seems to like chucking his toys away.

    Get ready for another fascinating season...!
  9. Mark, with writing of that quality available here for free, I don't see why I should continue paying for clearly inferior work in expensive magazines. If you are not a full-time journalist then you bloody well should be........
  10. Thanks for the kudos all. I will keep doing them if it makes ya happy.

    Sometimes they come to me easy. Sometimes after a week on the pi$$ in Tasmania they come to me hard! :LOL:

    Now for a global Netrider press pass...
  11. Is it on Saturday for some middle eastern religious reason? No work on Sundays or something?

    I always get a laugh out of the F1 drivers screwing up their noses at the champagne substitute. I guess the MotoGP guys would get the same stuff?
  12. took the words outta my mouth inci. fkn great report mark. way more entertaining than most mags. you got me drooling 'bout the season and looking forward as always to your reports.
  13. And don't forget you can watch a live timing chart via motogp web page.

    and for those without pay tv and don't want to sit up all night, moto gp TV may be a way to go

  14. I don't think that Hayden will be a consistent top 5 finisher on the 800's, the smaller capacity bikes may reward smoother riding.

    I'm also hopeful of seeing Nakano biting at the top 5 on odd occasions throughout the season. Doubtful on dunlops, but he certainly has the talent.

    Bridgestone certainly has made huge developments in their tyres in the last 12 months, so much so that they definitely have the upper hand at some tracks and in varying conditions.

    My money's on Suzuki for some surprise results throughout the season, although in my eyes the main battle will be fought by Rossi, Pedrosa, and Capirossi.

    Rolll on season opener!
  15. Im SOOOOO pumped for the 2007 season ...i have this gut feeling like Colin Edwards has a LOT to prove this year, and really think he's going to ...

    I dont think Hayden has the goods to go back-to-back ...and id love to see corser stick it to Rossi ...all-in-all, there is shiteloads of talent and its a feast for the fans ....AWESOME!!!!
  16. No need to, Casey is pumping him so far :oops: :p :grin:
  17. Sometimes it's good to be wrong isn't it :wink: :grin:

    YAY CASEY!!!
  18. Touche Triway, Touche...


    Yes it's good to be wrong sometimes, but it's a long season and Loris was FLYING right before he came off. I still reckon the old b@stard will still be faster season end.
  19. Lets go Stoner lets go! :biker:
  20. hmmmmm as much as I would like to see Casey do well this year, I think I will be backing age & experience over youth & enthusiasim

    besides that Loris is psycho.....in a good way :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: