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2007 MotoGP [Phillip Island]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by conspiracytheorist, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Just wondering when the GP is down in melbourne as I'd really like to go down this year. And would anyone from sydney be up for trekking down there?

  2. phizog your kidding right? we get about 1000 bikes going through here on the way down there, i'm sure there will be plenty of people going
  3. Here we go:

    2007 Provsional MotoGP Calendar
    Dates Country Circuit
    10th March** Qatar Doha
    25th March Spain Jerez de la Frontera
    22nd April Turkey Istanbul
    6th May China Shanghai
    20th May France Le Mans
    3rd June Italy Mugello
    10th June Catatlunya Catalunya
    24th June Great Britain Donington Park
    30th June** Netherlands Assen
    15th July Germany Sachsenring
    22nd July* United States Laguna Seca
    19th August Czech Rep. Brno
    2nd September San Marino San Marino
    16th September Portugal Estoril
    23rd September Japan Motegi
    14th October Australia Phillip Island
    21st October Malaysia Sepang
    4th November Valencia Ricardo Tormo-Valencia

    *: only MotoGP class.
    **: Saturday race.
  4. Awesome, thanks gal!

    Yeh I guessed alot of people went down, was wondering if anyone (..probably P platers actually since I can only go 93) wanna go with meh :LOL:
  5. That week will (probably) also be the week of the Annual Netrider Dinner; when you've done six impossible things in the day, why not do seven and go to the Netrider Dinner as well*

    (Usually the Wednesday night of the week)

    *apologies to Douglas Adams

    Phizog, a P Plate ride to Melbourne for the GP is eminently do-able, even on one day, depending on your level of fitness and your bike. Most riders break the journey at Eden and stay over there, but it's around a 15 hour trip via the Princes Highway if you stick to the limits and make regular fuel stops, etc.
  6. You're most welcome :)

    For future reference, moto GP and world SBK calenders can be found here
  7. I shall be going to PI on the Hornet this year
    and having an extended stay in Melbourne too.

    now to sort out accomodation...
  8. If my brother moves out in time ( he's been given his marching orders :wink: )
    you are more than welcome to stay at my place :cool: