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2007 KTM 690 Supermotard quick review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scumbag, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. As most people know I work in the industry and in my current job I have the ability to take some interesting bikes for a road test.
    I have just ridden on my normal loop (10km) a '07 690 Supermotard KTM
    Impressions, good torque off the bottom but nothing up higher, just revs and makes vibrations, handles really well, the wide bars allow you to muscle it around.
    Brakes are very good.
    Did I say it vibrates a lot.
    Is not aggresive enough in its delivery for the type of bike it is. Needs more snap to it to make it more fun.
    Will mono (honest officer it is a test) in first gear ok and probably clutch up in second.
    Would I buy one, no, have to see what else is out there.
    Scumbag out.


  2. Is that all you have to say on the subject...
    Give us a real review mate :p
  3. It'll be a good thing when derestricted. More horsepower than the 640, or even the 525 and 560. If it doesnt power up wheelies in 3rd I will eat my hat.

    I can't find any bugger that'll give me a ride on one, let alone one with a set of pipes and a non-ADR map in it. :(
  4. You don't sound very impressed Mr Scumbag?

    The big 950 SM version better?

    I still want to try a Superduke before I die.
  5. Dude!!

    It been over of the better posts lately rather than the usual:

    How fast will my POS go?
    (Not very...)
    Whats better CVB250 or a ZXJ 247?
    (Neiher, nobody cares...)
  6. Devotard, yep we want to try one with the different map and cans on it, trouble is no one wants to buy one and put them on, hehehe
    It may have more horsepower but its delivery is different, not as manic therfore the power wheelies may not happen.

    I rode the 950 super moto and had way more fun on that bike, I want to see the 990 super moto when it comes out, then compare it with say, a Hyper motard from Ducati
  7. I do. Passionately. I was thinking of changing the T for an ZXJ247, now I'll never know.

    BTW, does anyone ride with earplugs here? What about an MP3 player. And is it safe to lane split?
  8. HAHAHA... O.K. i can't argue with that. :oops:
  9. Hey Scumbag.

    Singles (as in bikes.... :LOL: ) I know alot about. The 690 needs the following;
    Complete exhaust system
    Airbox mods - larger "volume"

    It needs nothing more.

    But, I could be wrong
  10. You WANNA CHANGE TO THE T!!! :shock:

    They is lame mate. They make no mid-range and only have 0.45 extra Hp at 23 000 rpm.

    As for earplugs, I use baby sheep and run my Ipod phones through the intestinal tract.

    Lane splitting is instant death...
  11. You could be right Mitch, but the way the throttle is part fly by wire could have something to do with it as well. We really want to get one kitted up to see how it runs, the mechs seem to think it could be so restricted as not funny
  12. Fair enough. I am talking crap a bit as I haven't had ANY ride on it yet. I'm probably more just wishing out loud. ;) On paper it is ticking all the right boxes as a street bike for me.

    To me it sounds like restricted exhaust / airbox = breathless up the top.
    Docile when snapping the throttle = limited by TPS and map for lower gears???

    Speculation of course.
  13. No doubt the exhaust is very restricted, but from what I gather from the KTM when they did the training for the mechs, they said they changed the power delivery from the mx stuff, so as not as instant as they are. This is meant to be nicer for the road bike user. However I would want it to be really snappy, just to be manic around town to match the handling and brakes
  14. Nice for the road bike user. :roll: We don't need to be molly-coddled.

    What I dont understand is why no one will chuck a (more) reliable motor in the MX frames. The 690 or 640 in the EXC frame, the 650 in the CRF frame, the 660 in a WR frame etc. Decent service intervals, without turning the entire bike into a barge. MMM.

  15. Oooh you'll get yourself in trouble talking like that.
    That is the sort of thinking I usually have. It's the compromise point that makes sence. But the market is always about being more and more extreeme, so Unless it scream like a banchee and rips your balls off they don't build it. (Look at all the curent 600cc race rep bikes)
  16. Well they do build them, they're called the LC4, the XTX660, the Husky 610, the 690, etc etc. I just dont see why they have to gain weight with everything, not just the motor and box. They are compromise bikes, but too compromised, if you know what I mean.
  17. Anyway, sorry for the rant.

    Eye candy to make up for it. :grin:

    SM version in this flavour would be nice. How shallow of me. :oops:
  18. No, be shallow. We like shallow!!