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2007 Kawasaki ZX10R

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by mike8863, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Very Reluctant Sale

    Clean straight bike
    Leo Vince slip ons with Leo Vince link pipes
    ( no exhaust butterfly valve )
    Gutted Cat
    PowerCommander III currently with a map to suit above.
    Timing Retard Eliminator (TRE)
    Kaneg Rearsets
    '07 CBR1000RR Front Brake Calipers
    Hel Braided SS brake lines
    Near new Dunlop SportSmart II tyres with Ntec
    Vic reg to Feb 2013
    All the original parts to return the bike to stock

    I bought this bike in late 2008 from a car dealer who took it as a trade in thinking because he could sit on a Harley he could cope with this bike....he was wrong.

    In short my gain as I got the bike for a price that allowed me to add all the bits and go nuts on some spare. The original idea was to keep the bike at least 6-8 years, but circumstances change and now I find myself needing money.
    Long story...waiting for surgery / no idea exactly when / basically unemployable.

    The spares I've got and are include in the price are
    1 x Green, 1 x Black Pillion Seat Cowl
    Ducktail with some lights ( tail & 1 indicator )
    standard front indicators L+R
    Pillion pegs and carriers
    1 set sprockets & chain, standard
    rear fender eliminator
    handle bar switch blocks
    Exhaust headers with standard cat
    2 x race fairings (1 with headlights cut out ..use instead of std plastics)

    Beaten with a stick and haggling done, $9000 is the asking price for the lot.

    PM or email : 'thccomputer1@gmail.com' or SMS : 0466824508



  2. Bump, price drop, additions...

    PRICE DROP : $8500

    ADDITIONS : over $550 worth of consumables....oil filters x 5, air filters x 2, 2 sets (8) iridium plugs, front and rear SBS brake pads, 16T front sprocket
    ( Note : some parts may be used soon, they are consumables... )

    Double bubble screen & grip pads also added recently...not pictured
  3. She is a sweet looking bike, good luck with the sale as that seems like a great price.

    BTW you forgot to say "never taken to the track". Should be right at the top of the speel, just beneath your pic there...
  4. That would be wrong...:angel:

    Better to say, yes its done more than a few k's around race tracks, doing my duties as a junior road race coach.

    Also needs to be said....nearly all of those k's were at a pace that would make the average volvo driver think he's an F1 driver...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.