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2007 Kawasaki ZX10-R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bambam_101, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. special price for netriders is $11,000

    {External auction reference removed. Last warning - Mod}

    Need to move it to get my new car!

    Hey all.

    Time has come for my beloved baby to find a new home....

    Gotta make way for a new car now that my business has picked up momentum.


    Details are as follows.

    2007 Kawasaki ZX10R SE
    Black colour
    6spd manual lol
    23000 kms and never been at the track.
    Mods as follows;

    Pazo shorty levers
    Akrapovic Titanium cans
    Carbon fiber rear hugger/chain guard
    Braided brake lines front and rear
    polished rims
    polished footpegs
    KN filter
    Fender eliminator

    uummm few more things that i probably cant remember so have a read of this thread if youre interested...


    Bike has finance on it and will come with 12 months reg. Obviously, finance will be paid out in full upon sale of the bike.

    Looking at $12000



  2. Very nice looking bike - good luck with the sale :)
  3. Geez.. tell you what, I'm sooo tempted to sell off my ZX6R and upgrade to this one... it's BLACK!!!
    AND has flames!!!! :]

    Know anyone who wants a limited edition 06 zx6r (636)
  4. Do it Grunge.

    Thats a dare.....

    Are you man enough to accept the challenge? :wink:
  5. Trust me mate, as we speak I'm looking for a buyer for my bike!!!! :]
  6. bloody awesome bike the 10r, GREAT upgrade even off a 250, PLENTY of power, user friendly..ish :twisted:

    shame you had to sell man :cry: , if ya ever miss her your welcome to take mine for a spin :wink:
  7. ....and complete with an AWESOME rego ;)
    Good luck with the sale mate... your bike looks AMAZING !
    Grunge, I think you're onto a pearla with this one !
  8. Price drop for netriders $11,000
  9. Good Luck with the sale.Pitty you have to sell it,someone will have an awesome bike at a cheap price. :cool:
  10. Nice bike Bambam good luck with the sale..
    I have the perfect number plates for this if anyone is interested..

    Regards Neil
  11. Bam, still available? i got someone making a 2 hour trip to come see my bike so I know this guy's serious. I pm'ed you but no response yet... Let me know!!
    I don't want to be bikeless in time for summer! :p
  12. Bam, just sold my bike, so your bike better be available.
    PM ME!!!!!
  13. lol damn your keen, better hope he didnt sell it

    nearly 2 months since his last post here
  14. Yeah... I know... But his last post on NR was about a week ago.. I've sent him a couple of PM's......it's just that I've had nothing solid until recently... Same for him from the looks of it.....
  15. The world won't end if he doesn't answer back.

    I bought my 10r a month back 8000km's - $8500 - not a scratch on it....so they are out there if you look and have patience...

    The money I saved on the purchase price allowed me to add the bits I wanted.. PC3, TRE, rearsets, braided lines, front calipers, decent rubber, rear seat cowl, Leo Vince exhaust...etc...

    BTW. I've got a set of Remus polished cans for 06/07 spare/cheap.
  16. Yup the cashback has destroyed resale of near new ones... its taking all my strength to avoid taking a new one for a test ride :)
  17. Yeah..I know guys, I'm just very particular on the bike and options I want... and know bam has it all... can someone who may know Bambam in RL please let him know?
    I'd like to be able to close off the sale of my bike so I can get his.
    Thanks guys!
  18. Did you get in touch with him yet ??
  19. Pm sent grunge
  20. Yeap.. all contacted and sorted for now...
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