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2007 IoM TT Emergency request

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dave Milligan, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. this copied from an email I just sent to the editor of AMCN.

    Hi Mick,

    I have an emergency request on behalf of one of my 2007 AMCN IoM TT Tour clients.

    This guy fell off his push bike a week ago and broke his arm and detached muscles/tendons from his shoulder in the same fall. The upshot he is having an operation on 18 April to repair the damage and the likely healing time is 4 weeks minimum - the down side is that his bike will be arriving in the UK on Friday 4 May to start the AMCN IoM TT Tour and he will be unable to ride it for at least 3 weeks. He and his girlfriend will do most of the trip by bus and train, unfortunately.

    HELP, I need a sensible bloke or woman with a full motorcycle licence and sane riding habits who wants a cheap trip to the Isle of Man TT Festival this year and a trip around Ireland including the North West 200 race meeting. The only costs are an airfare, accommodation and petrol. All ferry tickets are paid for and everything is organised. All we need is someone to ride this bike for 3/4 weeks including time on the Isle of Man. The bike is a Kawasaki ZX12R, 2005 model.

    All enquiries to Get Routed - 03 9331 0947 or email dave@getrouted.com.au

    Kind regards
    Dave Milligan
  2. if only... if only... why can't i win tattslotto :(

    spose the girlfriend doesn't ride? what u bugger. this would be awesome. hopefully the posties will be there next year! fingers crossed. went around the track on a 750cc in '05 had an absolute ball! :grin: