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2007 Hyosung Aquila 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VCM, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if any of you guys have any thoughts or know of any issues with these bikes ( besides being a Hyo that is ) :p
    NO .. it aint for me :LOL:
    My Bro jumped on one the other day .. ( and he loved it :shock: )
    He's ditching his SR250 ( an on-going project he never started ).
    He is about to purchase the Aprilia from a friend. ( has 5k on the clock & comes with RWC & sports can for $4900 ).

  2. I'm scared and confused....step slowly away from the thread....

  3. :idea: Hang on. Aquila?
  4. :LOL: I had figured on that type of response :p

    :oops: wrong spelling .. sorry Aquila not Aprilia :LOL:
  5. One of these:

  6. Nothing against Hyo's but I reckon for $5k you could esily find a metric cruiser with a few more km's on the clock but larger engine . There'd be stuff all weight difference and far more practical (ie, decent weekend rides etc,) not to mention better resale when / if he wants to upgrade.

    I believe under the new LAMS laws introduced (or about to be) here in Vic, 250's won't be as popular.

    I heard of a Yamaha 650 cruiser (not sure of the model, but it was recent and had low km's)recently for sale for about 4 or 5k. A friend of mine was asking me about it as I owned a VT750. Anyway, it sounded like a good buy. The only reason he passed it up is that , he's the kind of rider that likes to have a real dip every so often, and of course that's not what cruisers are really designed for.

    Let me know if you might be interested , I may still be able to get some contact details.
  7. I'll let him know. Somehow I think he really has his heart set on the Aquila.
  8. pm sent Vinnie. You should know better mate :wink:
  9. :shock:

    Yup, that can will sporty it up no worries :LOL: Perhaps some GT stripes on it too might help?

    Does it come with spare parts? Or are the bits that fall off as you ride it counted as spares?

    By the way, if the owner claims it comes with a blowoff valve (in his list of sporty extras), I'm sure he means a blow up valve :wink:
  10. They run the same engine as my 250GT did and it was OK. No major relaibility problems but I don't liek the chromed plastic, I prefer chomed steel.

    For the money they are OK.
  11. Thanks Doug ! :wink:
    Guys .. I am aware of Hyo's rep, just wasnt sure about the Aquila.
    Have spoken to my Bro and I think he is reconsidering.
    Not baggin the Hyo, I know some owners don't have hassles with em, just don't want to see him throw good money away.
  12. I actually got a 2007 model, clocked up 4000k in three months commuting. No mechanical probs but I let the battery go flat a couple of times - a cell died and I got a battery replaced under warranty. According to anecdotes from various other forums, this is a common problem.

    This is my first bike and I must admit I'm loving riding it. As I use it for commuting to work rather than recreationally, I find it suits my needs at the moment.

    The biggest issue appears to be the reputation of the brand!

    Hope this helps.
  13. .....and subsequent shitful re-sale.
  14. Well, I've convinced him to leave the Hyo alone , Thx Dougz !
    ( sorry to any Hyo owners ) ..
    He phoned me 3 days ago to say he'd just got his learners at ridetek ( Didn't realise they have moved to Sandown Raceway ) :shock:
    Well all of a sudden the SR250 became a HIGH priority. The next day he transported it to Dandy Motorcycles for an RWC test. The two days that followed saw myself ( in-between jobs @ work ) getting his bike ready which involved:
    New Headstem Bearings
    Centre Stand Spring
    Rear Brake Light
    RHF Indicator Assy
    Tighten swing Arm bolt
    New Muffler .. ( Chrome )

    PLUS a few non-RWC Items:
    Adjust Valve Clearance & Cam Chain tensioner
    Adjust Brakes, Clutch, Chain
    Lube Chain
    Change Oil & Filter
    Just finished her this morning, Booked for Rego on Thursday :dance:
    Not a bad effort eh
    I rode it a while and although I found the seating position comfy, the position of the bars felt strange ..
    The engine appears to have a slight big-end knock, but I figure it should do him for the next 12 mths.

    I'm hoping to educate him in the art of roadcraft and basic riding skills in the hope he does not become a statistic.

    Thanks for Advice Guys !