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2007 Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hammer73a, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all , just after some advice on buying used from a dealer.

    I'm looking at my first bike and the dealer is asking $3.5k. Now if this was a car, I would normally go in hard and work up from there - but with bikes I don't know how much room there is to move.

    I'm pretty clear on my budget (need a helmet too!), and I figure taking 15% off the total would be reasonable to start then end up at 10% off the total

    Would this be reasonable or should I start at 20-25% and finish at 15%.

    Interesting the bike is offered without warranty (in SA a warranty isn't required) which makes me even more nervous as its my first bike!

    Thanks all look forward to hearing from you!
  2. What are details on the bike ?
  3. 2007 VTR250 12,100KMs. Condition looks good, but I really have no idea.....
  4. You generally have more room to move on a package of riding gear and the bike. Negotiating down on the bike alone will be harder. Although a warranty is not required in SA the bike does have to be roadworthy and under Consumer Protection be "Fit for Purpose" so you have some protection.

    If you are worried then you can have an independent assessment from a mobile mechanic, don't have any knowledge of these guys some of the SA guys might be able to give you more info or recommendations.

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  5. Great advice thanks cjvfr
  6. And don't forget to allow for adequate protective clothing. Flying around like your avatar you might not need it; but on a bike it is essential :greedy:
  7. You might get a few hundred off, but there's not a lot of wiggle room on a $3500 used bike. As above, buying some gear from them may get you a better package, but you may also find the same gear cheaper online so that may not be very advantageous.

    You could always try walking in with $3k cash and saying you'll buy it right now...
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  8. Go window shopping first for the gear and be clear what the retail value is before you go in for the whole package, otherwise when you negotiate e bike downwards, they might try to gouge you on the gear to claw some profit margin back. I busted one crowd trying to sell me a $99 helmet for $300. I ended up getting the helmet for $90.

    Also pay for it all in one transaction. Another stunt they do is take you to the sales department sell you the bike then send you off to the accessories department at which point you have lost your negotiating power.

    With the VTR250 they moved to fuel injection in either 09 or 10 I just forget which. The FI versions are a much better bike if you can make your budget go there. That said, the one you are looking at seems competitively priced. Don't be surprised if they refuse to negotiate. They tend to sell well.
  9. That was my very first bike

    Chillibutton's first paragraph sounds pretty spot on.