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2007 Honda VTR 250 for Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Kbatt, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Slightly Damaged Honda VTR250 for sale - $3000 ono

    PM me or contact Kaito on 0458 273 561

    Severely embarrassed to be selling my bike, as I should really be sucking it up, fixing the old girl and not being so lazy, but alas I'm not.

    High sided going round a right hand corner a few weeks ago and did just enough damage to be inconvenient but not deadly, thankfully. Now selling due to work commitments, travel, not needing the bike and all the usual excuses.

    Bike is an 07' VTR 250 - 26 700kms

    Damage includes dented headlight (Still works)

    Cracked Tacho/Speedo Unit

    Broken Right-Hand Indicators, Front and Back

    Slightly bent brake lever

    Scratched/Dented Exhaust

    I purchased this bike less than a year ago for $5100 and it didn't miss a beat, however it is now un-registered, obviously no road worthy and I know the rear chain and sprocket needs replacing.

    Apart from that it has done low Km's, Brand new Michelin Pilot Power Tyres and both a slightly knocked up Megacycle Slip-On Can (Sounds Like a LAM's Bike Shouldn't) and the OEM Muffler.

    Everyone says it, but this bike is a ripper. If no one goes for it, I guess I'll pull my finger out and get it fixed, then I'll be laughing and you'll have missed out!

    Take it off my hands before I get my arse into gear!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.