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2007 Honda Vfr800fi $8,700 (furthererer price Drop) - SOLD

Discussion in 'Archived' started by edgelett, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. #1 edgelett, Nov 7, 2012
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
    Hi all, my boyfriend is selling his VFR, as he's bought an MV Agusta Brutale and can't keep both haha!

    details as follows:

    Fantastic sports tourer. One owner, only 11,919 km's. Always kept under car port & under bike cover, never dropped. Immaculate condition. After market genuine Heli handlebar risers and gel grips installed for more comfortable riding position. Registered until March 2013, needs 12,000km service. $9000 or near offer.

    DSC01271 small. DSC01273 small. DSC01272 small. DSC01274 small. DSC01275 small.
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  2. Price drop on this, now $10,000 as he's bought a new MV Agusta Brutale so we need to sell this one.

    BTW if anyone can tell me how to edit the title to show the new price, that would be great :)
  3. just an update, the bike is currently registered until 20 December this year, however if a Netrider picks it up we'll extend the registration for you.
  4. wow haven't had a single call from any of the websites we have it advertised on...

    we will be renewing the rego for a further 3 months now since we've not had any interest, bike is registered until March now.

    also - please remember price is negotiable!
  5. I've been trying to sell a 5yr older VFR800 for $5000 for a while, and have had practically no interest either.
  6. If he wants to sell it he will get $7,500 to $8,000
    If he waits to sell it he will get $8,000 maybe.....
    I have a ltd edition tri-colour, pretty loaded with bits on it with less than 8,000k's.......and I would take $8,500 if I need to sell it......whether I would get it is another story
    The market is really crap for well anything at the mo
  7. Wow - really tough market eh! When we looked at what price to advertise it for, we compared other bikes in Adelaide in the same condition/age/KM's etc and it seemed pretty fair.

    Guess we might need to adjust down then since we really need to move this bike.
  8. Having the same problem with my street triple in Melbourne, plenty of hits on the advert but very, very little actual interest...
  9. Yeah, everyone prices their bikes according to what other ads are asking, but the thing is -- none of those bikes are selling either. The ones actually priced to sell will have disappeared. (Well, that's my theory, anyway. If anyone knows how I could sell my VFR at anything close to the other asking prices, then please let me know!)
  10. I agree, although I have mine price pretty well (there are people asking more for bikes a few years older with more kms)...

    Anyway, best of luck with the sale!
  11. Problem is......new bikes are pretty well priced.....

    Good luck with the sale......the viffer is a good thing.....as is the Striple....

    Again, good luck fellas......and lady :D
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    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
    Had my Vfr 07 for sale for 3 months and northing no interest .one call yesterday and sold tonight for $9400 with 12 months reg .

    For me it's better to sell the bike you have before you buy something else .
    If I didn't I would have a garage full .
    I know guys with bikes for sale over 12 months .not much you can do just hang on or take a loss

    Good luck they are a great bike
  13. yeah that was our original plan, but when my dad rings up & says 'hey a friend of mine is selling his 6 month old Brutale 1090RR for a stupid price, are you interested?' you have to take it before someone else does!

    Price drop now to $9500.

    i'll ask Smee to help with the heading again lol.
  14. mmmmm ok see your point :) what year is the Vfr ?
  15. Late 2007 (bought it in November that year).
  16. has it had the 12k service?
  17. no it hasn't, however we are aware there is a service that's pretty much due & therefore would be more than willing to negotiate either a lower price or us covering the service if that will help with a sale :)
  18. Finally got a call, from a guy who wanted to swap it for a triumph speed master lol.

    Will look at the price again after Xmas.[DOUBLEPOST=1357073272,1355825569][/DOUBLEPOST]Still absolutely no interest in this bike....and we REALLY need to sell it.

    So - further price drop now to $9000.

    it is due for it's 12,000km service, happy to negotiate on that too.
  19. is it just me or is everyone else having as much trouble moving their bikes?
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