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2007 Honda Hornet - It begins in earnest

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Haggismaen, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Been looking forward to the launch of the new CB600F as it means another potential bike choice and more competition all round.

    Just seen that Raptors and Rockets have put some information from the launch in Portugal. The news is good for Hornet fans, at least from this source.

    Now we play the waiting to game as to whether it will actually come out in Australia.
  2. I think you'll find that's a negative, d00d.
  3. Actually some months back Tash got a guarded 'possible' from Honda re the 2007 Hornet, as I recollect...
  4. That looks like a great 'real world' roadbike to me.

    I'd buy one if they were released here.
  5. I'm living in the UK at the moment, and will be back in a couple of years.

    Definitely interested in the 07 600 Hornet - they are getting great reviews before their full release over here, and if previous sales are anything to go by they will again dominate their market segment.

    Any reasons as to why this model won't/might not be released in Aus?

  6. Look a bit like a Kawasaki Z750/Z1000 doesn't it?
  7. Has there been any noise about a 900 yet?
  8. Honda Australia are idiots - that's the only reason I can see. Especially now I noticed CBR600 F4i is no longer available, Honda has no medium capacity road bike in their Australian lineup at all! I'm not counting CBR600 RR, it's too track-oriented. There's only CB900 (for now), and then... there's nothing all the way down to CBF250 right at the bottom.
    This is the lineup offered to us by the largest motorbike manufacturer in the world!
  9. Completely agree. Honda will miss out on a large chunk of the market, being filled by the Suzuki GSR600, Yamaha FZ6 etc....
  10. There has been large amounts of noise about a "CB1000" for several years. Jean-Marie Guerin has come up with nearly a dozen photochops of "what it's totally gonna look like when it comes out next year," but then it never comes out.

    We get told it'll have a full-power blade motor, proper brakes and chassis, stiff frame. And then they release the 07 CB900 with a slightly different paint job and no other aterations.

    Fair go, it's a fantastic bike as it is - particularly for the price, but once you've owned one for a couple of years you find yourself in a frame of mind where only a newer model CB900 would make a suitable upgrade for a reasonable dollar. Truth is, apart from adjustable preload on the forks in 03 or 04 there hasn't been an update made to the CB9 since its launch.
  11. Yeah! And then they make CBF1000, based on a de-tuned fireblade engine; an excellent all-rounder bike by all accounts, one that you'd think would be perfect for Australia with our long distances between, well, anything... but they don't bring that one either!
    Why? Buggered if I know...
  12. Yeah - this seems crazy.

    - Do 600 nakeds not sell well in Aus?
    - Does the increased cost of the 07 Hornet 600 (almost £900 here or around $2,230) mean it may actually be more expensive than the 06 Hornet 900? Maybe they want to wait and release a new 600 and 900 together, with appropriately relative pricing.

  13. yes I did, but nothing since then
    I might follow that up................

    Oh and Loz - over on the Hornet's Nest there is talk that there will be a new 900 based on the design of the new 600, but not for another year.

    my suggestion is that EVERYONE who wants a 07 Honda Hornet, or is interested in seeing one in the flesh, go here:

    and tell them you want it!!!!
  14. Perhaps because it has all the desirability of a Yamaha Diversion? They somehow detuned the current model 150hp+ Fireblade engine to make the same 100hp and almost no gain in torque over the old 919cc donk. Then they gave it a brutal walloping with the ugly stick. If the CBF1000 is the best Honda can do as a Hornet upgrade, then I CBF buying one. I'll go buy a Hyosung instead.
  15. BIKE magazine didn't like the CBF-1000....

    But I DID send Honda an email, Tash :).
  16. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I would love them to bring a Hornet out that I could keep for quite a few years. One based on the CBR1000RR with a retuned engine, price it at about $13,000 nice and simple design as a platform for customisation like the 900. Mate I tell ya it would figure high on my list of new bikes. :roll:
  17. Heh. Sorry, I got off the topic a bit. I didn't mean to suggest CBF should be a replacement for the Hornet, I just quoted it as another example of bikes Honda makes but choses not to bring to Australia.

    Personally I don't think it's as bad as all that...I think it would fit the same niche as Yama's TDM. Not flash or desireable, but highly useable all the same. Maybe you're right, the market for this kind of bike might be small in Australia.

    Now, back to the Hornet... I'm going to write to Honda, too.
  18. Traditionally, 'utility' bikes simply don't sell well, or at all, in Australia where motorcycling has never had much to do with transport. :) And maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, that CBF is ugly. :)
  19. You're right, but traditions can change when the conditions are right. I believe our market, immature though it is, lately got a fairly powerful push in the direction of two wheels as transport rather than toys. The conditions are there - but if manufacturers don't bring the bikes, naturally it's pretty hard to sell them... while potential buyers turn to something else - large capacity scooters for example, which happen to be a pretty hot segment of the market right now.