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VIC 2007 Honda CB900F Hornet 900

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by abadacus, Nov 13, 2013.

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    2007 Honda CB900F hornet 900 stolen from glen Waverley /pinewood area Late Sunday Night (10/11/13) early Monday morning(11/11/13). Looks as pictured below. Distinguishing features include:

    -Titanium blueflame twin outlet mufflers
    -black bagster tank cover
    -projector retrofit into headlight with HID and white angel eye/halo
    -black radiator guards and side panels
    -Repco oil filter
    -Motovation frame sliders (left side is scratched)
    -left side of the engine is scratched

    Rego HE298
    VIN: JH2SC48UX7M500319
    ENG NO: SC48E2503111




    Please contact police if you see it.
  2. that is a beautiful looking bike. I hope it comes back!
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  3. Sorry to hear this.

    Some crew of assholes is having a stealing weekend. Bloody gone in 60 seconds.
    My bike was stolen Fri-Sat too.

    The insurance companies are having huge number of claims now.
    So there must some organised group doing all this, very ruthlessly.

    Out of curiosity, was it also parked in the garage?
  4. unlucky, hope it gets found. my GPX was stolen from glen waverly area as well a few months ago, recovered though a few days later by cops.
  5. Who are you insured with?
    Unfortunately it was not parked in a garage, but out the front of the driveway..
  6. QBE, did the interview with the investigator today in the morning.
    He said the QBE was flat out this week with all the claims coming in.
  7. She was a looker too..

    Hope it gets recovered mate, what a bunch of cnuts...
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  8. Seeing that your bike has been found Abadacus, maybe post here to let people know? :)
  9. Whoop whoop - tell the story mate.

    Did they catch the pricks?
  10. Yes, it has been recovered and I'm currently in the process of getting it back
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