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2007 GSXR 600 Review (The Other Halfs Opinion)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. As some of you may know Shambles my other half picked up her 207 GSXR 600 2 weeks ago. As of my 7 pm tonight she has about 700 k's on her ( about 450 done by me :cool: ) and is running in nicely. I thought I would bash out a quick review based on my experience with the bike.

    I commute daily on a CBR 1100XX...and while a great bike I had been wanting to try out a supersport 600 and see what all the hype is about...so it was my duty as a caring bf to offer to "scrub in the tyres and run her in properly"...or it was as good an excuse as I could come up with :grin: .

    Anyway, a bit of history on the purchase..Shambles is pretty short so getting a sport bike that she could touch the ground on was turning into a bit of a challenge...we tried the R6, no hope in hell for 600 they are extremely tall, Daytona 675...even more so...CBR600 was a little taller than the GSXR but crucially was also $2000 more expensive on road...lets face it all the supersport 600's are fantastic bikes and the differences are pretty small so trying to justify a $2000 price diference is pretty bloody hard.

    Anyway the bike was selected, a test ride was organised and Shambles was grinning like a looney...and had yet to experience life over 4000rpm :LOL: ...a deal was done with Kirby at Ringwood PS (great service by the way) and for the princely sum of $13,500 ride away Shambles had her new baby.

    I took her out early the next day to scrub the tires in...the first thing you notice is the weight...or lack of it, the GSXR is about 45 kg lighter than the Blackbird and it is tiny...it seriously compares in size to her old Across!. Even though the bike is so small the riding position is quite comfy...the pegs are quite high up and rearwards and the clip[ ons are pretty low but it just works...i don't think i would want to tour on one but for around town and a weekend fang it's pretty damn good. I'm 6'2" and about 95kg and i find most bikes cramped for leg room but strangely enough not this one..although being tall checking the insrtuments requires you to take your eyes off the road as you sit right over the front of the bike...but Meh you only need to check the speedo when you see the red and blues :eek:

    Engine performance is pretty good considering the type of bike it is...while it has nowhere near the torque of my Blackbird it still scoots along very well...a bonus is that your more confident giving it stick off of a standing start due to the comparative lack of torque...get the revs up a bit and slip the clutch and your off...and without the worry of flipping the damn thing if you get a bit enthusiastic with the clutch. On the go the motor is a gem...it's a lot more tractable than I expected at low revs...and as the rev rise it gets better an better...the engine is very user friendly and builds power very progressively...of course when your in the upper reaches of the tacho the power steps up quite a few notches but the engine is so linear and the throttle response so good it never feels snatchy or peaky...I would go so fr as to say it's pretty good step up for a learner...Shambles had not riden anything bigger than an across and she found it very easy and user friendly to ride...

    Brakes and Suspension on this bike are phenominal...I can't believe how damn good the ride quality is on this supposed supersports bike...it absorbs bumps that on most bikes will have you out of the seat...mid corner bumps are treated with disdain...The handling though remains razor sharp...the first few corners I thought it was going to fall over on it 's side...it tips in so easily...it's very easy to tip in too early until you get used to it. the brakes are superb..if your a hoon like Loz you'll revel in their ability to perform stoppies at will...if your like me you will shit yourself when you have the rear slightly off the deck while braking hard for a 35kmh left hander...I need to go to the gym and do some weights...use these brakes with purpose and and your arms will get shorter...i shit you not! :shock:

    I can't really pick any faults with the bike other than the induction noise is out of control...crack the throttle above 3500rpm and the thing howls like a banshee...if you like to announce your arival this is the bike for you!, also the bars have a bit of vibration in them...this can make long rides a pain in the arse due to my throttle hand going to sleep...mayeb sportsbike are like that or maybe I'm spolied by the Blackbird...either way some heavier bar end weights should solve the problem.

    All in all it's a great bike...if it proves to be as relible as her last Suzuki I think she is onto a winner.

    At the runout price of $13,500 on road you can certainly do a hell of a lot worse if your looking to upgrade

    Here is a pic of Shambles in action (Thanks to Ratbag for the pic)

  2. Thanks for the writeup, awesome pic! :D
  3. cant wait to get my unrestricted license.... hikz
  4. Wow, great write-up and obviously a perfect choice, enjoy your new steed, Shambles.....

    And as far as the photo is concerned, it's one of Paul's, so nothing more need be said :cool: .
  5. $13.5k ride away! Wow, that's a deal and a half!

    Kirby is good at PS. When he was in accessories he was good then, seems like one they should keep.

    Glad that Shambles likes the bike. Remember Keith, it's hers. OK, hers. Not yours :p

    So when does the Blacky get the bird? Hypermotard I hear you ask...?
  6. yeah nice review. I was so close to getting a gsx but went for the cbr

    ohhh and awesome pic...... frame that one
  7. I know it's hers but it's so much bloody fun...can't wait till the 1000k service is done...then we have more revs to play with :twisted:

    I'm in eternal conflict over whether to give the Bird the flick...it's such a great all round bike :?
  8. Now you have a 'sensible' bike, go the Ducati HM! Go on, you know you want to! Lunatic bike that!
  9. Nice bike (for a Suki) a damn good write up, and congrats to Shambles, hope you get many miles of happy motor'n, but ya gotta do something about that rear rego assembly.

    A fendorectomy, rear hugger and ya rego in a cylinder mounted under the seat frame.. would tidy it up just luvly!!
  10. what a great looking bike!!! muchos impressed!

    congrats on the purchase and a great wrote-up as well. pic quality is awesome.
  11. Nice write up. You should be in bike sales! I can almost understand why shambles upgraded from the across now :p
    Bike looks awesome BTW.
  12. But Shannon, wheres the rest of the engine.. :shock: :p

    Good onya champ, enjoy your new toy and stay safe.. :grin:
  13. Ahh it's not the size that matters .... :p

    I have to say I'm loving the new bike. I just need to clean up the tail end and get rid of the reflectors on the front wheel and the she will look shmick. :grin:
  14. A bit off topic but how are you getting on with the Across...getting a handle on all that power :p :)
  15. Nice bike and picture.. :grin:
  16. Me and the across are getting on very nicely :grin:
    Ignorance might be bliss, but the across has more than enough power for me right now. I'm still getting used to the revs...
  17. Thanks for that review, will be helpful for those looking to get a gixxer
  18. So the question begs, when is keith gong to get the gixxer 1000?
  19. Great review, I'm in the process of considering the GSXR vs CBR - while I'm sure they are much the same to my inexperienced self, it's good to read how amateur friendly they can all be (provided they are treated correctly!)

    Seems like a good price for the 600 too, the lowest I've seen so far is $13,990 (but I'm in Sydney)

    Cheers again, and great pic!!
  20. Keith is locked in eternal conflict with himself over when to upgrade! :twisted: