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2007 Gsx R 750 Engine # and Chassis number

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kiwimick77, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Just come across this site and thought someone here might be able to help me.

    I'm doing a track bike up at the minute and I need to know if there's a way for me to get the engine number from the bike as the engine # has been removed? Mate of mine thinks you can get them xrayed or something?

    Also, same goes for the Chassis # as the ID plate was removed prior to me buying it but apparently there is a Chassis Number actually stamped on the frame?

    The reason i'm asking is i'm a little concerned the bike is flogged? :-(

  2. Sounds like a stolen one to me. The Cops have a way of doing it, but if they do it and discover that it was stolen, you may have a problem.
  3. +1

    no reason why it shouldn't have frame or engine number...unless its been stolen. was it really cheap to buy?
  4. Isn't the VIN stamped on the frame neck? Should be found in at least
    2 places; plate riveted to the neck & stamped in the neck itself. Mine also
    has a sticker with VIN (so 3 places).

    No idea about how to get engine # if its been removed.
  5. Lol... who removes an engine number unless the bike is stolen... Really...

  6. Thanks ISCN... I'll have to go out an check.

    Thanks to the others that replied as well but I wasn't actually asking if YOU thought the bike was flogged... rather if you could help me with the identifying part but as an FYI, the bike wasn't overly cheap, bought it off a notice board at a track day.

  7. Only familiar with the '07 1000cc & I'm relying on memory..

    [​IMG] I couldn't be of more help.

    Do you need all that info if its only going to be a track bike?
  8. All the best with it, mate.
  9. Don't know... my mate reckons they check bikes for this info at the tracks in Australia? Is this not right?

  10. Yep. It happens
  11. Yeah I've heard of cops turning up at tracks and checking numbers.
    Best to make sure that its legit, cause they'll have reason to take it otherwise and you'll have some trouble.
  12. Keep the number of the guy you got it off?

    Make a report, now.
  13. Thanks guys.... I might take everything off it (that I put on it) and take it to the cop shop. Either that or I might just strip the whole thing down and sell all the bits apart from the engine and frame.

  14. Mate if it's stolen it's not your fkn bike. Harsh, but you have no right in that case to be stripping it.