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2007 GS500F

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Comrade, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. #1 Comrade, Jan 17, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2013
    - About 16,000KM on the clock (My daily ride, so will increase by 150KM a week)
    - In excellent cosmetic condition
    - Completely stock apart from Pirelli Sport Demon tyres which offer much better grip
    - Rego till March 2014
    - Well maintained with oil, oil filter and spark plugs just replaced. The chain has been cleaned and lubed regularly
    - Always garaged overnight
    - Asking $4900 ONO with RWC

    The GS500F is a fantastic learner/LAMS bike or fuel efficient commuter (280KM per tank, before reserve, commuting inner city). Feels like a big bike and may suit anyone over featherweight better than a 250. It has a very forgiving engine for when you are in the wrong gear and the throttle response provides predictable linear power.

    Another great benefit of this bike is the ease of maintenance. Just get yourself a service manual (Haynes make a good one) and you’ll be doing valve clearance checks in no time.

    Inspections are welcome, please contact me for further details.

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  2. Probably have to drop your price a bit bud, they're almost that low brand new with Suzuki's $1500 base price rollback.
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    Thanks for the advice bud. There are a couple of GS500 posts you missed by the way, you might want to go back and let the owners know.

    If a learner wants to spend another $2k getting a new one on the road, good on them. Given a 2007 or 2012 are the same, I'm sure someone with a smaller budget might rather spend the cash on gear
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  4. Just got the carbies profesionally cleaned and synced. Bike is now running even better than it already was and is ready for the next owner. Nothing to spend on it apart from the transfer fee.
  5. and the stamp duty :( Oh how i wish they'd abolished that when the GST came in!
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  6. where is it located? there are more of these on bikesales with less Km's and less asking price...if you lower the price, then we can mos def talk as i am interested!
  7. Bike is located in Coburg but can be viewed in Richmond as well.

    True, there are bikes that are cheaper on bikesales and there are also bikes that are more expensive. If you are interested in the bike, come check it out. We can talk money if you are keen on it, most things in life are negotiable after all.

  8. Price and KMs updated.

    If I haven't stressed this enough in initial post, the bike is in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically (and the right colour too in my opinion).

    Reason for sale is wanting to upgrade now that restrictions are done with. Not in a huge hurry to sell so please not interested in ridiculous low ball offers. They are annoying at best and time wasting at worst.
  9. Now with a full year worth of rego, until mid March 2014 (That's ~$500 you don't need to spend).
  10. 3 months and still no sale on a GS500F. Tough crowd!!

    Price down to $4900 with RWC and Rego till March 2014.
  11. It's not the crowd mate, it's the market, lots of bikes, not as many buyers.
  12. Doesn't help when you can buy brand new GS500s for just over $6k. :( when you paid $8k a year earlier.
  13. I've taken that into consideration a bit. Looked at the big bike selling sites and the price of used GS500F has definately dropped a bit. Sure there are ones on there for a bit cheaper but they either have cracked fairings, don't come with RWC or have very little rego. So overall still think the price is right. Then again, the price is whatever the market says! Will wait and see.
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