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2007 gs500

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Miraz, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Time to clear some space in the garage..

    2007 GS500
    - Converted GS500F to GS500 spec
    - Black tank and bodywork
    - Just Serviced
    - Rego to Feb 2012
    - 15,000km
    - Good Tyres
    - Will make a great first bike for someone..


    I'll post some pics over the weekend
  2. aww you're selling - got the new bike now hey?
  3. 3 bikes in the garage at the moment....and this one isn't getting used
  4. $3000??? is that right Miraz??
  5. You can pay more if you like, but I'll accept $3k :)

    It's a good deal for someone...
  6. you're not wrong there mate!!
  7. you got any pics Miraz?
  8. It is blocked into the back of the garage by the blackbird, I had the suspension out of the bird over the weekend which made it difficult to get the GS out into the sunshine to take a picture.

    Will sort it out soon...
  9. Managed to get it out into the open air to take some pictures...

    Attached Files:

  10. hmmmmm :-k ...nice!
  11. Sold....just the other one to go now...
  12. did someone from the forum buy it?
  13. Yes - but he is a lurker that has never posted...
  14. ah fair enough :) was hoping my mate would buy it - but you snooze you lose :)
  15. It wasn't going to hang around long at that price...
  16. I'm surpised it even lasted as long as it did! Very cheap bike for what it is.

    Hope to see the new owner out on some rides!
  17. grats miraz...good luck with the new toy!
  18. Congrats Miraz.
    Noticed both bike sale threads.
    Now that bike is sold, threads will both be closed.
    Well done mate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.