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QLD 2007 Ducati Monster 695

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. #1 Valvoline, Sep 30, 2016
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    Ducati Monster 695 - 2007
    Black and Red

    Bike in very good condition,
    Bike being sold because lady owner is going overseas at the end of October 2016.
    It is currently located at Action Motorcycles KTM dealership - if you want a test ride.
    Has recently come off rego, so price is negotiable.
    Listed as $6,990
    Kms: 9,150 km
    Front sprocket changed for easier riding in town (still great on the open road), the bike will be sold with the original sprocket too.
    Bike has always been garaged, serviced and all the service books that came with it.

  2. Owner about to leave Australia in a couple of days. MUST be sold.
    PRICE DROP of $1,000 to

    Or make an offer! Contact - 0419265000
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  3. C'mon you shorties, this is a winner....

    ValvolineValvoline does your friend have this on Bikesales?
  4. She does ... It's advertised still as $6990

    The dealership that has it in the display room haven't done bugger all to help sell it. So she's taking it off their hands in he next two days and selling it to another shop if she has to.
    I'd buy it... But... Lol
    Lawnmower suits me better ;-)
  5. I'll talk to the boss ... bit dear though. Will they take an offer??
  6. PS; Tell your mate to take it to Hinterland Motorcycles in Lawrence Drive and ask for Paul ... tell him Judith referred them.
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  7. Yes, just call that no and talk directly with her. You can work out details since she leaves overseas in a few days and really needs it gone.
  8. I'd be getting Paul at Hinterland to look at it anyway. Mine is getting up a bit in Ks so it might be feasible.
  9. I did give her his no to take it to so Action Motorc doesn't get the sale... no surprises they've been their usual 'helpful selves' in trying to sell it.
  10. FractalzFractalz
    She will be pulling the bike out from AM today and taking it to Paul regardless. Still give her a call for details :)
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