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2007 cr125

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Albyno, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys posting this for my cousin. pretty dog act whats happened.

    was stolen from his parents house in mount eliza during the day from inside his garage.

    Its a 2007 Honda CR125. Renthal bars. Everything else is stock. Black seat. Newish plastics with no sticker kit.
    Front light with no globe. No rear light. Yellow horn on bars. Black/carbon pattern plastic barkbusters.

    He has only had the bike 3 weeks

    Please let me know any information you have, i can get the VIN and engine numbers from him to compare if you think you have found something.

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  2. Things get stolen in Mount Eliza!
    Not when I grew up there! People were too busy swimming in their pools or playing tennis on their own courts!

    EDIT - note only on the "good" side of Mounty that is..............we weren't on the "good" side
  3. i spend a bit of time around mt eliza.. ill keep a look out
  4. thanks alex.

    aparently the expansion chamber had a weld patch on it and was a little beaten up (not much tho)
  5. I'm in mornington so if i see it anywhere ill message you.

    who would of thought shit gets stolen in mt eliza!! mind you lots of multi-million dollar houses there.
  6. Geez that sucks. Feel sorry for your cousin.