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2007 CBR600RR taken in broad daylight

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wedge, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. #1 wedge, Sep 20, 2007
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    Zip to 2:50secs

    A simple disc lock wouldve been the go :cry:
  2. Wow!

    Disc lock wouldn't have done anything more than make the task 10secs longer I reckon. Needed to be secured to something properly to have any hope.

    Hope he/she was insured!
  3. When I first saw this earlier today it made me really angry.
    What would a disc lock have done? They lifted half the bike clear off the ground and even if you put one on the rear the other guy would have just jumped out and helped.
    So much for parking in a busy area. I once read that a bike cover is one of the best forms of security, that and a chain may have helped? I dunno. It was just so easy for them.
    fcuking scum.
  4. OK guys settle down, maybe a disc lock wouldnt have been the best option, but it could have served as a deterent.

    But yeah, they just lifted it off the ground :evil:
  5. That's unbelievable. Makes me think that getting an alarm ain't such a bad idea. I wonder if that would even help?
  6. Man I want a Voyager!! Imagine how much stuff I could buy at Ikea!!!!

    Yes get an alarm - it is an investment, and will save you money on insurance.
  7. :shock: I'm getting the same bike (CBR 600RR) :cry:
    At one of my work locations there's nothing to chain it to, and it's away from my vision and earshot. I'm hoping that bike cover will deter a bit :?
    Trouble is, they're such light things - 155kg dry.
    Maybe I could sqeeze it through the back section, but then it might get bumped by the coffee/smokers ... :?
  8. G'day everyone,.....

    1st,..The U-tube says its a CBR600rr not a 1000rr,..small point I know but I'm just being picky!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    2nd,......its a prime reason to BAN Voyagers,....unless its the Star-Trekys one,..that was a good series.
    :wink: :p

    I think the bike should have had a self-destruct built in and set to go off if moved from where it was parked.
    Just a thought.
    (it is late as I type this so no responcablity is taken for rational thought or spelling!)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  9. Wow ,from the time the guy first touchs the bike till them driving off 15 seconds :shock: .

    Theres no way they would of got my cruiser in that little van ,and they would need 4 guys :LOL:
  10. Alarms, disc locks, explosives... worthless :p What you really need is a worthless, dirty, heavy old POS.
  11. Can't watch the vid at work but if it is a Chrysler Voyager they would not have got to far before it broke down.
  12. :LOL: :LOL:
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    That really sucks. Even if insurance covered everything, just the fact that some low life c@nts have taken your baby and all the inconvenience involved, they should be shot.

    Would an alarm like this have prevented it?
    Are they available locally? Or anything equivalant? I've just got a Xena alarm disc lock on my bike (hey, no laughing at the back, I love my Spada.)
  14. That's bad!! :mad:
  15. I bet the van was stolen too by the way it was jerking when they reversed the first time and drove off.

    Cover ya bike in funnel web spiders I say.
  16. Thats how my 2000 R6 was stolen from my garage some years ago. They found the bike 3 months later in a drug bust in Dapto. They asked the guy why & how and he had 3 mates with him, a ute, and a screw driver to bust the garage door lock.

    I was just lucky he kept it, only damage was they resprayed it silver from blue. He used another rego'd bike plate and label to get away with riding it.
  17. You guys really think a cover is a good way to prevent that kind of thing?
  18. I'm more annoyed i had to watch 3.20 of nothing happening for 15s of something!
  19. Yeah. That too.
  20. That would be why OP said ....