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2007 CBR125 anyone??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, May 10, 2007.

  1. When exactly did this happen?? And why?? Who's going to buy this??

    EDIT: Though at $4000, it might be worth looking at...

  2. With that capacity maybe they're targeting scooter peeps that are growing up...

    Surprised to see EFI on there! :shock:
  3. Thats a bloody nicely dressed postie bike! :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Now drop the VTR250 engine in and they may have a winner!
  5. Hmmm... they did need to bring in some faired bike for those on restriction. Pity they don't mention power and torque. Maybe they're trying to cash in on the obviously high demand the CBR250s have, yet can only be bought 2nd hand. Possibly also competing with the RS125? For that price, if I was only just on restriction I'd be interested to find out more.
  6. Obvious question being, is it a 2 or 4 stroke. A 4cyl 125 engine would be an absolute slug.

    Plus, they have the NSR anyway... Ah it's a 4 stroke.

    Looks horrible, reminds me of one of those korean/chinese trail bikes that are getting around at the moment.
  7. 4 stroke
  8. Aren't they only available 2nd hand? Some people will only buy new.
  9. It's single cylinder.

    Yeah I don't think the NSR is still being sold new. Completely different monster though, this is a single cylinder 4 stroke, as compared to a twin cylinder 2 stroke (NSR250 anyway). The 2 stroke bikes were designed as track bikes, or replicas of anyway. They're bloody quick.

    I'd be interested to take one of these for a spin, but yeah seems like a blinged up postie to me

    Look at the geometry of the bike too, looks like it's one of those indian commuter bikes (Hero honda) with some fairings adapted to it. Also note single front disc brake, and the position of the mirrors. (mounted to the handle bars? Doesn't look like it was designed around having fairings.
  10. UK riders have had access to this for years. Good on Honda for bringing it out here.

    Looks like a fantastic little commuter, I wouldn't say no to one.
  11. $4000 and it looks like that? That's a sure fire seller right there.
  12. Yah... it'll sell on looks alone.

    It'll have less straightline performance than a CB250 though :)
  13. Yep, via google, 13hp (9.7kw).

    Surely is impressive, my vacuum has about that much power. Ok i lie, my vacuum has more power but i didn't want the motorbike to feel bad.

    Lets say, 120kg bike (generous, its dry weight), 80kg rider. 10kw/200kg, or 5kw/100kg. My car, which i find to be dreadfully slow is 75kw and 1000kg. or 7.5kw/100kg. I would jump on it and give it a flog, I wouldnt buy one.
  14. VR daelim 125 anyone same stats
    bout 13hp single cylinder 4 stroke $4000. Korean made.
    But its not a honda.
    Should reach about 120-110 top speed Like the daliem does
  15. hmmm looks rather cool in a 125 kinda way :grin: ....better keep this info away from Mrs Drew.
  16. 125cc is quick... in scooter clas.

    but good luck if people want the look but dont want the pricetag of a 250cc. It's soemthing that europe and japan have had for ages.

    I'd still buy a cagiva mito over it though.....
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  18. Nah they sell in some euro countries that have 125cc restrictions, some countries [I can't remember which ones] have graduated licence programmes. hmmm might work here 16yo ride a moped, 17 ride up to 125cc, over that LAMS for a year and then onto the big bikes. Of course for old blokes like me go to LAMs first.
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  20. as already mentioned,

    looks ok as a city based scooter replacment/alternative...but i wouldn't want to have to ride it any decent distances.