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2007 CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. I'm not really sure if i'm a fan..



    but then i see it in black...


    More pics -


    and a swedish to english translation of what was written on the swedish honda site about the bike;

    (didn't work out to well, but wow.. standardmaskin!!!)
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  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  4. I thought the blue/yellow colour scheme on the one at the expo was actually pretty nice.
  5. Black...

    That is all.
  6. meh, stil hate it. Passionless bike imho.
  7. Black is beautiful.

    Then you spend some time on a black bike and realise that the cagers who hardly ever see you on your dayglo Repsol SuperMoto glow-in-the-dark bike NEVER see you on a black bike.

    Still. Phwoar, eh?
  8. Another CBR.... *yawn*
  9. Passionless, Tailus?

    Hmm. Yeah, I have to agree that the CBR's can be a bit clinical. I rode one ('05) down from the Sunshine Coast, through the Glasshouse Mountains, into Brisbane, down to Lismore and back around Easter of this year. Great bike, plenty of everything, obviously a ton of power...but it left me cold. My '99 ZX9R clobbered it for grin factor and good old kick-in-the-pants power delivery. It's a hard thing to define.

    Another thing - the bastard seat fried my arse! Do they all do that, or had Mister Honda just not insulated the underseat pipe properly on this one? Honsetly, an hour into the trip I was swapping from cheek to cheek to avoid "the hot seat..."
  10. I've seen the black in a dealer and it looks totally awesome. Just high gloss finish, no other crap. The blue and yellow they had just looked wrong. It accentuates whatever they've done to the headlight, which doesn't work for me. But the black, mmmmm!

    As regards passion? It's something I see all the time about Honda bikes, but I don't really know what people are talking about. No jap bikes inspire passion (in me), but the latest Aprilias and MV's do. No accounting for taste eh?
  11. I'm with you on the Aprilia's, Cejay.

    It's where motorcycling meets art. And that 1000cc V-twin is a real piece of work. Had a mate ride one (RSV) a couple of months ago and say "I don't really like it. Wheelies too easily."

    And that's a PROBLEM?

    Another 1000cc Vee that could never inspire passion on looks (more like projectile vomiting probably) but definitely gets you grinning is the KTM 990 SuperDuke. Rode one of them awhile back....gracious!

    "Take this away. It's making my nose bleed, and besides, I need to keep my licence."
  12. Black looks the goods IMO. But the orange and black 600 does not look to bad as well.

    But black is soooo Melbourne :cool: :cool:
  13. And Borat would know...