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2007 Calendar

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    There is a Netrider Calendar coming to a store nea...........................

    Well actually they will only be available for purchase online :grin:

    What I am looking for is 12 photos of you or you and your ride (thats bike, Bob) or it may just be a great motorcycling picture that you like.

    They will be a month to a page with the rear of each page displaying one of the photos that is chosen for the calendar.

    They will be printed on card, spiral bound with a front and rear cover.

    To quote Loz, "get one, you know you wanna" :p

    So, If you want to feature in the 2007 Calendar, start sending in your photos to netrider@netrider.net.au
  2. yoohoo!!!!!!!!! McFly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Slackers :roll:
  3. :LOL: Slackers huh .. we all been busy past couple of months :p
    Theres a truck load of urls in this place to peoples photobuckets etc, just go snoopin & nick em. Im sure they wont mind :LOL:
  4. And as soon as I do that, I'm sure I'll get someone complaining that they don't want their photo in the calendar.

    I know how hard it is to physically find a photo and to email it to the address above and all but...................
  5. I've got a couple of hundred pics from all the Netrider rides I've been on... I'll go through them tonight, should be able to email soem good stuff by the end of the week...
  6. woot!
    is there a closing date for this calander?
  7. There HAS to be a pic of the Hornet in the calendar...
  8. that's why I need to know the closing date for getting pics in - I need to put the speedo back together & want to organise a pro shot!!!

    Oh and what format do the pics need to be in?
  9. might have to organise another Virago night and get some non blurry pics this time.
  10. You're thinking what I was thinking Caz. :grin:
  11. hey i got a virago! ill come. br0o0m.

    i think i have to wash/register/insure it though lols.
  12. Closing date is as soon as get 12-14 pics that I like ;)
  13. Emailing as we speak.
  14. Hey Vic, I sent you one not long after I saw the post for this, did you receive it or not. Was from my home account.
  15. crap - must...get home...take pics....argh!
  16. Email sent with pic attached Vic.
  17. Email sent...Put it in the calender ya baldy its a ripper
  18. There are a few photos that I can't use, a couple due to size and a couple due to them being out of focus.

    Surely all those rides that people have been on there must be a few decent pics.
  19. I dont think you will be putting my bike in the calender.... :shock:
    /runs off crying :LOL: :grin: