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2007 BMW F800ST with ABS. $6,250. Bargain, due to fast sale wanted.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mouth, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. #1 Mouth, Mar 6, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
    Selling my 2007 BMW F800ST with ABS. Excellent condition, well looked after. Used primarily for commute. 1 owner (me).

    • Registered until December 2012
    • Good tyres, rear only ~1,500km old, front with approx 50% remaining
    • Regularly serviced
    • Contact Jason on 0416 024 325

    Factory Spec's:
    • Parallel twin. 800cc with 85 HP (63 KW)
    • ABS Brake system
    • Heated hand grips
    • Full trip computer
    • Brembro brake system, with braided lines
    • Belt drive (It's soooo awesome not worrying about lube and muck!)

    • Ignitor motorcycle alarm (works off ignition, no crappy keyfob required)
    • Remus slip-on stainless steel exhaust (Will also include the factory exhaust that was only on the bike for 2 days)
    • BMW luggage panniers (see below)
    • Xenon HID headlight (with ballast and 8000k globe). Converted approx 8mths ago
    • New GEL battery, fitted approx. 12 mths ago
    • Hex tool set, for undoing BMW specific hex bolts
    • Side stand foot (for use on soft ground)

    Includes BMW sports panniers side luggage, worth $1,200!! Keyed to ignition key, so no separate key. Didn't have these on the bike when I took the photo's (so you can see the carrier/frames on the bike), but you can see an example photo with the panniers on HERE

    This is a great bargain, and priced appropriately for a quick sale (need the $$, and it ticked off my todo list quickly). First to see will buy, IMHO. Similar bikes priced at $9K - $11K at the dealers.

    Some fairing damage on the RHS due to a silly low speed drop some time ago. If you want a cosmetically perfect bike, I was quoted $1,600 from BMW to replace these fairings, but didn't bother. Don't have the time or disposable cash right now to get them replaced for better sale price - your gain :)

    More pics ...

    RHS - http://s8.postimage.org/6kebajuzp/RHS.jpg
    Dash - http://s15.postimage.org/z540fhoob/Dash.jpg

    Reviews ...

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  2. What? What! WHAT!!

    You aren't going to be bikeless are you Mouth. That would be . . . well . . . bad. :(
  3. Cheap! How many km's?
  4. that is damn cheap!! kms on clock are?
  5. Barely run in. Shown on the dash photo: 51,353 km. At least Mouth used his bike. :)
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  6. links at my work not working, am spruking it around the floor. If I had the cash I'd pick ip up tonight!! damn thats cheap..
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  7. Ohhh, there's a spark in Anto's eye..

    Lol, we will call you notsograyBM if you get it :p
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  8. smart move if he buys it!!
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  9. Damn it! A month too late!

  10. Ant! It isn't naked! What's wrong with you??!! Snap out of it!

  11. Nothing...
    He probably has more snowy type of rides frothing at the mouth...
    A little comfort doesn't hurt and keeps the happier times lasting longer....8-[

  12. Does look nice even though it's not naked. :)

    Go for it Anto. (y)
  13. GRRRRR what a perfect replacement, talk about bad timing!!!!!!!!
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  14. BTW what bike are you getting as a replacement, Mouth?
  15. #16 AngryAnt, Mar 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    Not naked, not Jap, and not an inline 4. But who said I have to be consistent anyway - I love breaking my own rules!
  16. so did you get it??
  17. Yes, bikeless for a while :( Cannot take my bike where I'm going, unfortunately.
  18. Not yet Goddie, but appointment made with Mouth to check it out soon.
  19. Overseas?
    A Buddhist temple?
    Locked into an Excluse Bretheren conclave?

    Anyone else?

    ETA: Not my business, just speculating...
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