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2007 Bathurst 100 vs Moto GP @ PI !!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. According to a small piece in todays Sunday Herald Sun the Moto GP at PI will clash with the V8Supercar Bathurst 1000 next year.

    I've already seen a fe wposts on the car forums suggesting it will affect crowds at both events but seriously will it be the big problem some are suggesting??

    I don't believe so and even from a marshalling side I don't think it will affect their numbers greatly as only a handful of 4 & 2 wheel marshals cross over and probably wouldn't do both of these anyway.

    Your thoughts.....

  2. I have doubts this will happen, just from the advistising perspective, both would be high rating, which race would be shown on free to air tv ?

    Wouldnt it be funny if the NRL Grand final was on that weekend aslo :LOL:
  3. Why, who watches rugby?

    I kid, I kid ;)
  4. Many, many, MANY more people would watch Bathurst than the MotoGP. Just look around and see how many people drive cars compared to how many ride bikes......

    MY problem is THIS year; I foolishly agreed to the 8th of October for my daughter's wedding. And since I'm father of the Bride, and preaching at the ceremony, I can scarcely duck out and watch, even to catch the hourly updates.

    {Unless someone's got a tiny TV set I can smuggle in.......?}
  5. If it clashes me and my mates will have to pick one or the other to attend.
    We normal attended both each year.
    We save our holidays up just for 2 events.
  6. Think it will have an effect on both, for that reason. A lot of interstate & international visitors make the pilgramage as a one off opportunity to see both.
    The bang for buck is worth the trip, but if it came down to one or the other.......
  7. who cares about v8's?
  8. errr, more people than care about bikes (compare the crowds, and the TV audiences)
  9. Dont worry it'll be over in 5 mins if its bathurst 100 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Well as much as i love the bikes, you cant beat the supercars.. :grin:
  11. Id care more about V8's if they were in bikes :p
  12. Next year the V8's are on ch7 and the motoGP will still be on Ten. One is in NSW and one in Vic, I don't think anything will stop them running concurrently if they each want to, but I definitely believe it will effect both crowd numbers.
  13. Be much better4 if it wasn't just ford and Holdens

    Gets sooooo boring bring back the nissans, jags, siera's
    or make the fords go clockwise and the holdens anti clockwise.
  14. Have to agree with that, Gavin, especially as they aren't really Holdens and Fords anyway......
  15. A jag would get lapped every 3rd lap in 2006 :LOL:

    Sierra's no longer exist (I don't think)

    Nissan? Nothing they've got could keep up with either a Ford or holden in 2006 either :p

    So IMHO for 2007 they should allow in-

    Aston Martin
    Mercedes (ooooooh baby, did anyone see that thing on Top Gear last week :shock: )
  16. Well I understand, the holden is powered by a chev, but why is the Ford not a Ford?
  17. Because they are both purpose-built race cars with silhouette bodies; they have virtually no parts that matter in common with any road car.

    Not that that's bad, per se: plenty of racing cars are the same, but they ARE racing cars, with the collusion of the two manufacturers, pushing their products to the exclusion of everyone else's.... Where is the option to compete for Totyota, for example??? Last month the Corolla was Australia's biggest-selling car...
  18. It's an interesting fact that a good old movie will out rate motorsport hands down and it already happens on Friday night football being out rated on several occasions by a kids movie.

    Ch10 usually show the Aus Moto GP live and since Foxtel started doing it live they've had to lift their game and show it proper live and not like the V8's where it's live to tape and replayed up to 2 hours later.

    As for the NRL, I can remember many a NSW friend sharing my TV in my caravan at Bathurst to watch the NRL final which is held on the long weekend these days.

    All I can say is I'm happy someone invented the remote control so I can flick between both telecast.
  19. The "holden" uses race blocks based on the original chev V8. These may or may not be made by chev.

    The "ford" uses a Ford motorsport block which is a cross between a Windsor and a cleveland and has the deck height, in this case, of the Windsor 302.

    Neither are even close to what can be bought.

    As too the clash of audiences, I don't think it'll be that great. Motorcycle race fans are afficienardos and like racing. V8 fans are boof heads and like crashes.
  20. I think you'll find there are plenty of boofhead afficienardos around, who like me, like racing and crashes :grin: