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2007 Avalon Air Show

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. So who's going??

    I'll be there at 2pm Friday when the gates swing open for the general public as I've got a bloody race meeting at Calder this weekend otherwise I would've gone in on Saturday.

    Anyway there are two ways to get in off the freeway, the Melbourne side you exit the freeway at the Pt Wilson turn off and follow the signs. If coming from Geelong you exit the freeway at the Lara/Avalon Beach exit and drive/ride all the way to the southern end of the complex and around to the car park on the east side. Be warned there is 4km of very rough gravel on that way of entry and a nice yump at the quarry entrance round the back (got the Commodore airborne at 90km/h a few weeks ago :shock: ).

    Prices are;
    Adult (15 years and over): $45.00
    Child (Aged 5-14 years): $22.50
    Family (2 adults + 2 children): $95.00
    Family (2 adults + 3 children): $105.00
    Family (2 adults + 4 children): $115.00
    Children under 5 years: FREE
    Concession (Pensioner, HCC, Student Cards only) $37.50 each

    Car Parking (per day, payable on the day): $10.00

    It aint cheap but I reckon it's worth it.

    For those with a limited budget you can watch the Friday night show for free from outside the complex by simply parking on one of the nearby roads. Give the freeway a miss as the Police patrol it and send anyone who stops packing but the Old Geelong Rd which runs parallel is not patrolled and has 1000's of tight arsed spectators parked along it (usually me included).

    Remember it will have special event pricing for food & drinks and no shade so hat & sunscreen will be needed. Comfy shoes would be a good idea as well as the entire show is spread over about 1.5km of taxiway and grass area and you can only use your feet for transport.

    I did notice they had lockers for helmets & jackets you could hire just inside the main gate and bikes are able to park a lot closer to the entry gate than cars :)


  2. Got a mate who is involved with the organising of the airshow and he told me that if you went last time, dont bother going this time. Everything will be exactly the same. The only difference is that the B52 will be there and apparently will be flying everyday.

    Im going on sunday to check it out although im not expecting too much from it. It hasnt changed for about 8 years!!
  3. Yeppers, we're going. I've never been so looking forward to it.

    Haven't decided on Sat or Sun yet...I'm mostly interested in the potential to get a free Bengal cat from Lara on the way home :grin:
  4. i'm going on saturday. the mrs ain't happy for me dissappearing on her lol. but i haven't been in about 7/8 years, last time i went with air training corps. should be alright. when are they gonna do family tickets for the - son and his mate are over 18 but dumb and lost licences, one should be concession because he's injured and off work for 2 months family tickets....

    just not right.
  5. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday doing demos with R/C Helicopters at the start of the show and during the day.

    Should be good, it was last time!

  6. Woohoo! Just got a call from my G/F to say that her neighbour (an air traffic controller) handed her a complimentary family pass...the the Chairpeople will be there!

    Haven't missed a show yet*, and loved em' all.

    * I still count the one where I drove 2 hours to the car park, carried my (then) 3yo son to the gate, paid our money and...a Tornado did a low pass over us. He screamed, demanded to go home, and that's all she wrote.
  7. I went to either the first or second of these (can't remember which), and was silly enough to take the car.

    At the end of the day it took 90 minutes of driving to get from our parking spot to Geelong Rd. Yep - an hour and a half to get out of the car park and onto the freeway ready to start the journey home...

    Despite which we had a great day. Pity I can't make it this year though. :cry:
  8. And a word of warning for anyone planning on doing the dodgy and parking with the hazard lights on the side of the freeway. You will get booked unless there are really bad noises coming from your engine or you are having a heart attack. Every show hundreds try that trick and the cops are right onto them otherwise the freeway becomes an obstacle course.

    I was on the static display on the AP3C Orion in 2001 and especially when the air displays were on, you could see the people piling up along the perimeter fence on the freeway and the Police moving along handing out tickets like business cards.
  9. Yeah, like I said in the OP don't stop on the freeway but if your on a limited budget the Old Geelong Road between Little River & Lara is the go especially on the Friday arvo/night flying sessions.

    As for Chairman's 3yo's problem I seriously suggest getting the little tackers used to low flying and noisy aircraft by propping under the flight path at Melbourne Airport either off Bulla Rd if their coming in from the north or my personal favourite Operations Rd if they're coming in from the south (you can almost read the serial number on the tyres they are that low). Did that with my then 4yo nephew well before last time and it worked a treat except he is forever wanting to go to the airport to watch the planes :roll:
  10. Flex that sucks but you try being a dad to four [4] kids like me, this is the first time I have ever seen a family ticket include 4 kids! Woohoo, still too much for me but. :oops:

    I'll wait for the mooroduc airshow :cool:
  11. He's 8 now, and his idea of a fun afternoon is the pits at Broadford for a vintage race meet. I think we're over the loud noise problem.
  12. Thinking of taking the girls to this. They're begging for a wknd in the city to do some shopping/sightseeing etc...the airshow might be a good way to spend the Sunday...gotta love the sound of those jet plane thingys.

    Can you get trains to the airshow?
  13. Had exactly the same problem with my nephew for around 4-5 months which was funny considering his mum was working (non trackside) at the F1GP when she was 6 months pregnant with him and he has been attending motorsport from V8's to Speedway to F1 since he was born but went through a hating loud noise period when he was around 2.5 for about 4-5 months. I basically got him a set of ear muffs and eventually he grew out of it and now cant get enough.
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  15. I'm heading down from the northern burbs, on the bike on sunday morning if anyone would like to join me, head down as a small group.

    Would probably appreciate a little company with the traffic anyway. Although haven't been before, so don't know quite what to expect.

    PM me if you're interested.

  16. Thanks pvda. Unfortunately I'm not going to get there today. Oh well - nxt yr. :)
  17. With the weather the way it is I bet everyone would be praying for a continuous dump and burn to keep everyone warm ;)
  18. As I said I wwent in for the Friday night show and arrived at around 2:30pm just in time to see the B52 do it's 1st pass as we were driving down Pt Wilson Rd heading in and it's 2nd pass from the car park.

    It was bloody hot and extremely dusty until the cool change hit much to the relief of everyone there. My three highlights were;

    The Boeing Test Pilot flying the SuperHornet :shock: (No Paul it was a plane not a bike) doing a really good job of demonstating it's low speed handling :)

    Connie the Super Constellation doing her night time take off & touch & go.

    My 6yo nephew's reaction to the "Wall of Fire" at the very end of the night show, I've never heard so many Cool's, Wow's & Aw's in a 30 second period and according to my Father & mate the look on his face was priceless (He was on my shoulders at the time for a better view as I knew what was coming).

    I went into the event thinking the $45 for me, $37.50 for the old man & $22 for a 6yo was way too expensive, all up with fuel, food, t-shirts, caps & admission it probably cost me nearly $300 but I walked away extremely happy and considered it money well spent on an outing for three male generations of my family at a time when we just don't spend as much time together as we could.

    Roll on 2009 Airshow, if you can get out there I strongly suggest Friday as it seems to be a lot quieter than the weekend and you get a more compact aerial display withthe bonus of the night flying..

    (Edit to add parking info) As I said I lobbed at 2:30pm on Friday arvo, drove straight in and just as we got out of the car one of those train ride things arrived to ferry us to the security bag search entry.

    The final big bang was around 9pm and we joined the huge crowd leaving and walked back to the car. It took about 10 minutes tops to get to the exit gate as the traffic was flowing really well and about 5 minutes to get to the freeway so it was all good as was the Pizza at Uncle Leo's in Werribee.
  19. We went Sunday. Left stupidly early and got no traffic until entering the car park - and even then it only took 30mins tops to get in.

    The show itself was great, but it was freaking cold, and I was not wearing enough clothing :p (3/4 pants, 3/4 top and a jumper). After having Sverre's jacket donated, and a friends jumper donated, I still couldn't move. So I came out with windburn/a little sunburn and was freezing the entire day. But apart from that, it was great! :p

    We left around 3 I think, and the only traffic we had to wait for going out of the carpark was 3 or 4 hornets going across the exit road :p
  20. I used to go down to Melbourne every time it was on... think ive missed the past 2 tho. Would be good to get down there and see the show again.

    Well worth it.. Last time I was there, seen the dump and burn.. followed by the wall of fire all the way down the run way... was amazing!