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2007 Australian Air Show

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone considering going to this?
    I'm thinking about going for the 2 day Gold Pass for $285
    I've never been to an Airshow, well not a proper one.

    Gold Pass - Grandstands
    3 day Gold Pass $420.00
    2 day Gold Pass $285.00
    Single day Gold Pass $150.00
    Single day Gold Pass $150.00
    Single day Gold Pass $150.00
    General Admission - For any one day session
    Adult $45.00
    Child (5-14yrs) $22.50
    Concession $37.50
    Family (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult and 4 children) $95.00
    Family (2 adults & 3 children or 1 adult and 5 children) $105.00
    Family (2 adults & 4 children or 1 adult and 6 children) $115.00
    Groups of 20+
    Gold Pass - Grandstands
    3 day Gold Pass $378.00
    2 day Gold Pass $256.50
    Single day Gold Pass $135.00
    Single day Gold Pass $135.00
    Single day Gold Pass $135.00
    Groups of 20+
    General Admission - For any one day session
    Adult $40.50
    Concession $33.75
    Child $20.25
  2. What does a gold pass get you that GA doesn't?
  3. yes, i've been thinking of going.
  4. Tis possible
  5. A seat I presume.

    Not sure if it offers anything else.
  6. For more info look here

    But the Gold Passes give you this;

    Also bike parking is located nice & close to the entry turnstiles & last year they had lockers for hire to store helmets, jackets & so on.

    There are two ways in and if coming from Geelong there is a large section of gravel to negotiate on the back road, isn't there CBC :wink:

    For tight arses, like Vic, you can watch the Friday evening displays from the Old Geelong Rd with thousands of other freeloaders (like me) although I pay to go in on Saturday with my 6yo nephew who took better pics than me last year :roll:

    Don't stop on the freeway as VicPol patrol the freeway and send everyone packing within seconds.

    Also the Car Park costs $10.00 to get into :shock:
  7. I went to one of the airshows at Avalon years ago. We had an absolutely fantastic time, but either take the bike or go by train - car is definitely not an option.

    I kid you not, coming home it took 90 minutes from the time we climbed into the car until we reached the freeway. An hour and a half to get out of the carpark! :shock:

    But it was worth it. There is nothing like an F-16 doing a slow-speed, low level pass over the runway, then as it draws level with you, going vertical on afterburner.

    It sounds and feels as though the sky is being torn apart. Quite amazing.
  8. Yes, yes there is a huge arse long road with gravel, but the CBR survived :p I felt half rattled to death, but hey it was good parking, easy to get in/out. The airshow was heaps of fun though, I am definently going next year :grin:

    I am sure I'll see you there Paul :p :grin:
  9. Seriously thinking about it too.

    Missed out on using my gold pass last time coz of a siberian highside 2 days before. :(
  10. The Airshow is always great, its to bad that we arnt closer to europe and get the big stuff like red arrows or any of the euro display teams... take earplugs if you want to keep your hearing and some sunscreen :)
  11. I'll be riding there and the earmolds will be coming with me ;)
  12. Wimps, nothing wrong with a bit of noise that hearing aids cant cure when you reach 50+ yo.
  13. Ok should we organise a time/date for net rider folk if we can?
  14. Works for me ;)

    I'll be leaving from Synnott Street in Werribee probably the maccas
  15. Gee thanks for that vic.

    next thursday??
    25th august 2010
    november 2008 at 5 past 3 in the morning?
  16. Errrr, seeing that I stated that I'll be going to the 2007 Airshow on the Saturday & Sunday, I assumed the dates would be fairly evident :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:
  17. Ohhh eerrr, yes I think I'll join the Netrider flight crew on this one.
  18. Actualy O great bald one you didnt say the 2007 air show but even a simpelton like me should have known that, however being the simpelton that i am i did not know that you aluding to a 2 day pass meant saturday and sunday considering the air show goes for 5 days
  19. it stated 2007 in the title.
    5 Days?

    I thought it went for 3?

    You are correct though, I didn't mention Sat & Sun, those are the days I was talking to a mate about.

    I stand 1/2 corrected :p
  20. 3 days for the public 2 days for trade only.