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2007 Aprilia RS 125 Modifications

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by teddie_frytol_2stroke, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys, i ride a 2007 Aprilia RS125 and can't seem to find any mods for it. From having a poke around the net there seems to be heaps for the older models but none for the new one. I've seen mentions of a race pipe and the dealer said there is a rear seat cowl but couldn't show me pic or give me a price till i ordered one.

  2. exercise and loose 20kg so it will go faster

    dude why would u want to mod an aprila
    braided lines standard
    7kg frame standard
    light as a feather plastics standard
    looks awsome outa the box
    point is most of the stuff u do to other bikes to "MOD" them are done 4 u

    Ur not guna get anywhere with an aprilia and performance mods.
    Maybe a iridian screen bout thonly think i could think of or a biger bak sproket
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  3. Smarter move is to spend money on rider training so you can use it to its potential.
    If you're a learner it will take you a good 12 months of regular fast paced riding to be capable of pushing that bike to its limits.
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  4. Good bike. Capable of going really fast. U just need to master the 2stroke powerbank. There are pipes around. Depends on how much $$ u wanna spend. Tyga got a good set, pretty cheap. Other brands jike jolly moto, arrow do a set, but they are costly cause they are usually from overseas.

    From jetting u can get a fair increase in power. Decreases reliability.
  5. you need a cooler looking exhaust ed, maybe carbon fiber
  6. tyres, brakes, suspension... doesnt sound exiting? upgrade, tweak and tune, its the only way to make a fast bike faster... Maybe some pipes too, but u will get more potential with a good setup.
  7. i'm happy keeping my 06 125 stock.
    but you could always get arrow/gianelli pipes, re-jetting, bigger carbies, and paying some bored engineer too much money to put a 250 2-stroke engine in.

    and as someone said, some ride coaching.
  8. As im looking for a GP bikeFor my first Race bike at the moment, I started by looking at Honda RS's And Yami TZ's, But after Reading on A U.S forum That with the right mods you could get a Standard Aprillia RS (125) to Roughly 35HP Im Leaning towards buying a Aprillia RS now, As I dont really want to be doing Pistons every 2-3 Race meets, Cylinders every 5-6 race meets And Cranks once a season. An not to mention that Aprillia parts are so much easier to come by, And soooooo much cheaper.

    Eg. Honda RS Cylinder $850-1100 - Aprillia Rs 125 Cylinder $300-350

    I know what im leaning towards doing.. If you want me to give you some more of the info I got given about getting the RS 125 to 35 horses, Just give us a yell. Ive got it all saved Ect.

    Cheers Blair :grin:
  9. I think that Aprilia have a factory performance kit available for the RS125. I'd get in contact with the local importer of Aprilia. Is it John Sample Group? something like that...
  10. I have a 2005 RS 125 and all I really want to do is get a better exhaust.
    I am looking at getting get the tyga exhaust when I can afford it!
  11. ARROW make the best (arguably) for this bike.
  12. Does anyone know any good websites where you can see pricing for an arrow exhaust system?
  13. My god. Its a 125cc 22 stroke. Your gonna get F*all by pimping it. Save up and get a RSV.
  14. The RS125 is a great bike mate and will beat hands down any Diesel 250 out there on the road.

    I myself have an RS250 and it does very well at leaving the big bikes behind expecially thru the twisties.

    If you want to find mods for your bike I suggest you check out rgv250forums website just do a search on google to find it.

    Although it is really for the RGV250 & RS250 there are alot of people on there with the knowledge to help you get the most out of your 125.

    Im sure that you could certainly do whats called the COLIN MOD.

    Which involves a thicker base gasket to alter the port timing and replacing the head gasket with an O'Ring by machining either the cylinder or the head to accomodate one there for increasing the compression slightly. I would definately reccomend a set of TYGA expansion chambers and also going 1 tooth down on the front sprocket and maybe even 1 tooth up on the rear aswell. And some dyno time is a must to get the most out of your bike. Hey its only about 55-70 per hour and depending on where your bike is now its usually only max 2hrs to get it running sweet.

    Hope this helps you out mate. I use the same user name on the RGV site so if you need any advice just ask.


    Adam aka Addy Jiggs
  15. I agree the rgv250 forum is great.
    But fir 125cc advice i think there is a 125cc 2t forum. Search and u will find.

    Colins mod is for rgv and rs250, cause these engines use head gaskets not O rings. Rs125 are rotax rengine and already use o rings and different base gaskets, depending what u aim for in the engine.
  16. a pipe on a 2 stroke is by far the best way to gain power and you will notice it tyga-perdormance.com have great value exhaust and trust me getting it thru a aus dealer will prob be 30-40% more due to there store costs and time
    at tyga you can work out cost incl freighht by checking out b4 ya put ya details in
  17. Be carful sinking to much money into a 125. before too long you will be looking for something bigger anyway. Theyre pretty hot out of the box, so you'd be better off learning how to ring it neck rather than spending big bucks for a few hp
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