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2007 800cc bikes?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, May 27, 2006.

  1. As I understand it, the motoGP is going to change to 800cc next year, is that right. What will happen to the 600cc bikes? Will manufacturers still have 600cc bikes or will they scrap 600's all together and just make 800's? History would say the 600's are GONE as there are no more 500's like they used to race(I think?), or two strokes etc.
    Will this make 600 bikes worth less once the class is gone? Would it be an unwise decision to buy a '06 600cc bike given they may not be around in 12mths?

  2. Since when have the bikes in the MotoGP class, in recent times, ever directly been sold as purchasable bikes in the market-place.

    MotoGP is like F1. The machines are all prototypes, and the governing rules are set for reasons that have near zero to do with commercial marketing reasons.

    Now if WSBK suddenly changed to 800cc, then that would be likely to have an impact, as WSBK is based upon homologated models sold in the marketplace. As it stands though, WSBK tends to be somewhat driven by marketing concerns. The bike reflect what is sold in the market-place, but WSBK doesn't necessarily drive the market in any way. It's more of a show-case for marketed bikes. The same can be said of SuperSport (600cc class).
  3. Yep MotoGP is being reduced from 1000cc to 800 - can't see any reason why that would affect production bikes though (since they don't really have anything in common). The phase out of 500cc 2-stroke road bikes occurred long before they stopped racing them - and was really more to do with tightening of emissions laws than anything else. I reckon it's safe to assume 600s will be around for a while - indeed with tightening Euro emissions laws they may actually become even more common.
  4. MotoGP = Prototype bikes that never see the street

    600cc production bike = around for quite a while yet.

    Other than some technology being passed down from the MotoGP to production bikes you shouldn't notice any change.