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2006 ZZR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by demo man, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I have searched but had little luck in the way of specific advice on the Kawa ZZR-250.

    I'm a pre-Ls rider (meaning I actually don't ride :( ) - But will have an L's course booked by the end of tomorrow. Keen as all hell.

    I've been trawling the net looking at bikes and prices and specs and bikes and specs and prices and then I found this - through a freind of my mum's (of all places!).

    2006 Kawasaki ZZR250
    Bought new in Oct.
    3-3500km on the clock
    It has been dropped, has some asthetic damage (describes as 'a scratch', so shouldn't be too bad).
    I assume has rego 'till Oct. (will check)

    Price is $5500.

    Pending seeing the bike and checking that it's all good, I think this looks like a great buy.

    I'd really appreciate any comments/tips/feedback/whatever.

    Thanks all,
    and as this is my first post of actual content, I should also add that this site freaking rocks, super helpful people and lots of info. Be proud.

  2. I think you should look aound at a few different bikes first. ZZR seems like a good bike to learn for but it depends what you want it for. I know a couple of people who have got them having not really looked at any other bikes, and they think wow it looks good and its a sports bike. Its a sports tourer not a sports bike, if thats what you want then it may be good, but many of the people i know with them really regret not looking at the cbr's and the zxr 250's.
  3. Sorry - I should have clarified use in the first post.

    I was really keen on this '98 CBR250 at $6500 - but after some more reading and thinking I pretty much want something that looks okay and has a bit of get-up-and-go to stay fun, but mainly will be a good reliable learner bike that I can sell up for a 600cc -ish very sporty bike when I get away from the restrictions.

    Is this the right sort of bike for that? A nuetral startpoint that still looks cool?
  4. Good bike and a pretty good price.
  5. Well I suggest you dont buy a bike until at least after you've completed your Ls, but to do plenty of browsing and researching of styles/prices in the meantime.

    The main reason being that if you have not ridden before, you will not know what feels comfortable for you as well as how you will feel riding or being in control of a bike. The Ls will give you a little bit more info before you go shopping and make the expensive purchase, so then you can sit and see what suits and feels best.

    Also, given your age and the general price range you've mentioned, I do hope that you are not intending to blow your entire budget on the bike and not cover the other areas such as good gear, insurance as well as any other costs ie: rego/repairs/general running.

    If that is the case, then I strongly suggest you lower the price range on your first bike so you can cover the other areas adequately, as well as yourself.
  6. get a HONDA VTR250.. best bike to learn on.. looks great if your into the NAKED look. .. and chicks dig it cause its different.. i have had a few chicks come up and say how nice the bike is.... such a shame i am married lol

    But anyways the VTR is a popular learners bike and will be easy to sell or trade in...
  7. if you are leaning towards a sports oriantated bike when you get off restrictions, then you should definately concider the cbr250's aor zx2r's, being that they are a good starting point in the sports catergory, but it will depend on things like height and weight

    everyone will give a different opinion as to what bike to get, get the bike that feels comfortable to sit on, and that you will be able to sit on for extended periods of time

    being in the act you should also look at the lams bikes available such as the suzuki's gs500 and gs500f, kawaski's er5, ducati's monster620i and 400ss

    or heaven forbid :LOL: you go the cruiser option then you can ride upto and including 1600cc heavy chrome buckets

    it will all depend on what kind of riding you want to do
  8. People seem to be trying to convince you against what you're looking for :D

    An 06 in good condition, low kms is worth up to $7000 in best condition. With a scratch, even 6000 is a bargain. @ 5500 you're laughing.
  9. I personally hate the noise the CBR250RR makes - almost every single one is ridiculously louder than the 600's and 1000's they tend to be riding with. But, if you like it good on you, go for one of them if you wish.

    If you like the ZZR250, go right ahead. There's nothing wrong with them, they're quick enough and sporty enough that it's not a radical change in riding style should you buy a sportsbike later.
  10. Agreed. It's not as sporty as something like a cbr but that's ok - start with something a little more neutral and you can always decide what you REALLY want when you upgrade.

    The only other thing to consider is that you will drop it and the more you spend on it, the more tears before bedtime. I spent $2500 on my bike and have dropped it twice (incompetence related). I don't sweat the scratches because they just join the collection.
  11. +1, good bike & good price.
  12. Remember to consider gear, I had money for a propper jacket but i spent it on booze :LOL: biggest mistake now im saving for a jacket + boots and everything else simply cause its more important than the bike.

    When i was looking for my bike i was considering the zzr but thats only cause i couldnt find a good zx2r in NSW. Theres no problem having a look at the bike just leave your credit card/ key card at home + your money. Dont rush into a buy no matter how devilish the sales person is. Remember to check the bike starts first go, no cracks in break discs, no oil leaks, no other leaks, 'scratches' are the only ones stated (if the seller said there is only this scratch make sure it is cause if it isnt what else are they lying to you about?)

    Take advice from the others, shop around, dont be nieve and just buy the only zzr you look at, try to get feedback from other zzr riders.
  13. Thats because to get any power out of a cbrr you need to thrash it. To get enormous amounts of power from a litre bike, you just need to turn it on :grin:
  14. As opposed to the ZZR where you can thrash it and you still don't get any power out of it :p
  15. Damn straight :grin: :grin:
  16. Everytime I hear a CBR250 going for gold, I just wait to hear the grenade go off......BANG!