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2006 ZX 10 R Test ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bangr, May 14, 2006.

  1. Today I added another bike to the list of "I want one of them" .

    I would have to say it was way different from what I am used to , it does every thing so well and easy , the power from 5500 rpm on is insane , I have riden a few bikes and the power of this thing once it got going was off its nut (give me more).

    The bike felt great , it was easy to ride around traffic and when I asked for it to be a beast all I had to do was twist that throttle .

    The braking and handling was spot on , like I said it did it all very well.

    The problem for me is what do I like better , the bike that does it all very well and easy or the beast (996 sps) that wanted to spit me off .

    Hmm may need to ride them both again.

  2. The ZX10R sure looks like a nice bike, but it's becoming a dime a dozen hooligan machine. Sure the posers prefer the Gixxer 1000, and the the boy racers want the Fireblade... so i think that's a big vote for the Ducati.

    It's ruthless, yes. It's unique, definitely.
    It's gonna turn heads regardless of if your being a hooligan or a sensible rider, and best of all it's not going to become one of those 'yeah it was a great bike for it's time' machines like i think the ZX10R will become... if your thinking of keeping it longer than a year or two.

    ... and yes, the power thing is one reason to consider a turbo fit out. :wink: