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2006 XVS650 custom pillion bolt suggestions

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by zamboni49, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hello people,
    I am a new rider a month into my Ls, and have a 2006 XVS650 custom. I have removed the pillion seat and am interested in what others have done with the bolt that sits in the middle of the rear fender where the pillion seat attaches. I have looked for a chrome rack, or perhaps a chrome nut or something to make it look a little better. Any other XVS650 owners have any suggestions? What have you done with it?

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  2. Options I have found are:
    Dome Nut, metal washer and rubber washer
    Rear Fender Leather Bib (Mustang/Chilhowee)
    Billet Rear Fender Hole Plugs (Star Motorcycles - Not sure if fit on XVS650)
    Chrome Solo Luggage Rack (Highway Hawk/Custom World)

    I also have a '06 XVS650 and mine currently has a dome nut and rubber washer from hardware store but planning to use solo luggage rack.
  3. I've left the rear seat on (not the backrest though)
    Because of the bolt there, i've found it easier to just leave that seat on, it also helps if you're carrying a backpack or something, as it can rest on the seat and not the finish.

    Also, if you do ever inadvertently acquire a passenger, you'll be prepared.
  4. Thanks for that Seroputers, those were some options I hadn't seen before.
    I'll leave some links to some of those options in case anyone else comes looking.

    Rear Fender Leather Bib (Mustang/Chilhowee)
    Billet Rear Fender Hole Plugs (Star Motorcycles - Not sure if fit on XVS650)
    Chrome Solo Luggage Rack (Highway Hawk/Custom World)
  5. Hey madsam31,

    Yeah, I reckon this will be what I end up doing in the meantime. I won't be taking a passenger anytime real soon, and it doesn't look terrible with seat on. I just think it looks better without it. I am surprised that there wasn't more options to dress it up a bit.
  6. That's right!

    Pillion seat - check.

    Spare helmet - check.

    Condom - check.

    Welcome to motorcycling ;)
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  7. Yeah I was riding past the cathedral behind Hyde Park in Sydney (approaching William St ) when a guy gave me a wink and asked if he could jump on the back (of the bike I assume), fortunately I only passed the first check so had to decline his request.
  8. Dont know if its the same outside of QLD but here if the bike has a solo seat and no pillion pegs the rego cost is reduced.
  9. remember you can't just take the pegs off, they have to have the mounts cut off or welded up so it can't be returned to take pillions 5 minutes after the inspection.

    For this reason I won't do it, at least that's the ruling in QLD as i remember it. Found it.. here is what QLD transport has to say about it:

  10. I had an off-the-shoulder cutie beg to come riding. She was out on a country road, thumb out, and I pulled over to check she was ok. The rear tyre was balding and I accidently came to a skidding halt beside her, Brando style. Unfortuately I had a swag on the back seat.
  11. Similar scenario. Just picked up my XVS650 and after removing the pillion seat have 4 pieces of tape on the guard, there for protecting the 4 rubber mounting things (?). Anyone have a solution for removing the 4 pieces of tape without damaging the paintwork?
  12. peel em of with your fingers
    use rp7 or similar to remove residue
    this works on badges also btw with a piece of string ).
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  13. Can't view the attachment, comes up with error. Backrest? I was thinking of replacing the seat....
  14. Woops!! Heres the photo of the carrier rack on my bike. (The other photos were the actual unit....dont know what happened there :) ) IMG_1845.JPG
  15. That is nice. I like your setup. Off to the Sydney bike show a week on Friday, will look out for those options there.
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  16. Hey Randall,

    Very impr with the bike. Looks great!
    Can you tell me the brand and where you got the backrest and rack?