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QLD 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by rhinotr2000, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. #1 rhinotr2000, Jul 30, 2015
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    Stolen motorbike GSXR1000 2006 straight from under me. The guy came around to Acacia Ridge to view a motorbike listed for sale. I told him no test rides unless there is cash in my hand but I allow riding in my drive way only as its a closed area. To make a little room for him to putt around I open gates to reverse my ute out and soon as I did he split pass me.

    Last seen from Acacia Ridge and heading towards Coorparoo area with NO helmet wearing all back gear. Police gave chase as they saw a guy riding with no helmet but had to peel away due to no pursue police but they got his plates (MY PLATES '590FH') and police came looking to arrest me at my home till they saw me on the phone with Police Link of stolen motorcycle. If anyone has seen this guy or the bike let me know and call Qld Police.

    At the request of the QLD police and the OP images have been removed as they may corrupt a current case. - MOD NOTE
  2. Farrrk, What a low act. Hope you catch the Prick. Get the vision put up on Current Affair or the like. Teach the prick a lesson.
  3. Very wise of you to have him on camera.
  4. Contact your local news papers or news channel, I really hope this scumbag is caught and you get your bike without any damage.
  5. geeez ... hope they catch the c&&t :-/
    he looks like a meth head ...
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  6. I reckon we all get his picture and plaster it on every motorcycle forum/group we can. Lowers the chances of him being able to sell, someone may know him and it may just teach this piece of s*** a lesson.
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  7. wat a dog as the others have said get the image out to as much media as possible

    Hope you get it back soon
  8. Mate i'd even go as far as seeing if you could put his picture up in bike shops just in case he's a customer. Did you give the picture to the cops?
  9. What an idiot.

    Hop you get it back soon. Good idea re: taking pics.
  10. Very good quality pics. Definitely plaster it up all over social media and as others have said bike shops and even bike wreckers! Hopefully he is also known to police.

    Good luck!
  11. I'm just speechless that people really do this. Very sorry to hear it and hope he's caught.
  12. That is nuts. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
  13. From what I'm seeing from the photo, if he had turned up on my door, I would not have let him in. Even in pics, he looks dodgy.
  14. Wow, what a fascinating and unfortunate story. I'm very sorry to hear of your misfortune.
    It's easy to say we would have turned him away but let's be honest, we've all sold an item to a dodgy looking geeza at some point in time.
    Great to see you got such a high quality image of him. I highly doubt you'll see you're bike again however you can be sure that with such brazen behaviour he's obviously a meth head and will be known to the local constabulary (or will be soon enough).
    Can I ask if managed to get any personal details from him (phone number, licence, proof of ID)?

    All the best with relocating the bike?

  15. I suppose the other issue is, that even if you'd got his ID, and he does this, due to being on drugs or such, best thats gunna happen is you know who he is, but your bikes gunna be gone regardless, and your insurance will probably still take a hit? No win situation.
  16. WTF?

    What a low bastard! Sorry you lost your bike...even under such unimaginable circumstances as this. You've taught a few of us here a lesson, rhino. Take pics of potential buyers BEFORE he bolts out the gate.
  17. Some people will take your goods no matter what the consequences however retaining their license may at least mitigate the chances.

    A friend of mine had her ZX7 stolen a few years back. She then received a call a few days later to say that a young male had killed himself on it whilst showing off in front of his friends. I think he was wearing just a pair of shorts and thongs (not even a helmet). Talk about bad Karma.

  18. I hope the bike wasn't damaged during the accident.
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  19. Update peoples.

    Bike and douche bag located and pinned for it by CAPALABA police station. He was released and bike currently in police yard for dusting for prints. Sad news is they released him now and even sadder news same guy just stole a mates GSXR1000 TODAY! with same method and rode out with no helmet.
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  20. what a waste of space he is, hopefully he'll be served up an extra large serving of karma one day
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