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2006 R6 video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Feb 6, 2006.

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  2. =P~ =P~ 17,500rpm redline..
    Awesome clip and a Bloody awesome bike.

    Now how many 7/11's do i need to rob :-k :LOL:
  3. Damn that thing sure makes incredible induction sounds!!!
    And it sure is great to hear such a high revving 4 cylinder given some stick! :cool:
    Pity that the riding was a bit ordinary though.
  4. Awsome find! I will stuch with the 2005 version for now, the 2006 looks like it demands a more skillled rider for some reason, maybe it's the lower clip-ons that are scaring me!, What an awsome sound.

    After doing some searching, I found a link to download the .wmv version of the vid, all 75MB!


    Let me know if there is trouble with the link, I could rapidshare.de it.
  5. Not bad for a 600 and not bad for a Yammy either..
  6. Now that's a really cool vid...it's amazing how low they can take it on the coners and how fast they accelerate out of the corners without losing the back :shock:
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  8. spreechlessness!
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  10. Pfft... still don't care.
    If it sounds like that then i won't be looking at the tacho but attempting not to fall of whilst laying with me ear on the tank listening to that gorgeous engine note at ~13k-17k. Goddamn... i love my Yammys.

    Depressing thing is the power to weight ratio reveals my current steed to be the fat mama it really is. :cry:

    He fluffed a couple of those corners: too hot and he didn't roll on early enough.

    But damn that looked like a sweet bike. It looks like it has a bit more out of the corner than the 05 and seems to steer a bit quicker too. Having said that the 05 special looks much better IMO and the sound is very similar.
  12. i love it
    i cante secribe how it makes me all fuzzy
  13. Sheesh

    Pity they got the camera angle wrong in the first full-throttle section, you can't see the track ahead to understand what the rider is doing.....

    And the boys are as brave as lions on the straight, but not so much in the corners, lots of strange lines, none the least from the camera bike.

    But given that Yamaha had probably threatened three generations of death and pestilence if anyone binned their nice new bikes, understandable....

    Does sound fantastic at around 17,000 though.