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2006 R1 for $4600

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mattychops, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone see in the current issue (206) of Motorcycle Trader the 2006 YZF-R1 for $4600 with only 2635kms on the clock... There was an email and phone number which I called thinking wtf? this cant be for real!! If it was for real tho, fark would I be gleaming.

    Anyway the phone number was for Autism Victoria!! poor buggers would have got 100's if not 1000's of phone calls.

    I wont put the page number or the phone number up, cos I'm sure they've had enough of it...
  2. smells of either a typo, or a scam.
  3. im tipping scam
  4. probably wants 14600 for it,i'd say..
  5. did people not read the whole post?

    thats really cruel if someone did it as a joke
  6. Thanks for reading the whole post red zx... Private adverts are free to list in this mag, so it would be easy for the joker to do...

    Yeah it's pretty cruel targeting autism vic. an organisation that I'm sure has never done anyone wrong.
  7. :? I'm confused to see how this is tragetting Aut Vic?

    If the person typing the ad got the price wrong, they could have well got the phone number wrong...
    or the person works at Aut Vic and gave their work number as they cannot take mobile phone calls during work hours...

    Hell if we're speculating, we could say that Aut Vic purposely put their number in to increase their call rates and possibly guilt people into donating... :p
  8. Seems to me more like one of those Bikesales type scams with the ultra-low price and the 'seller is overseas, please use this totally secure escrow service I recommend' approach. My guess is the price is correct according to what the person said, the email will get you the scam and they picked a random phone number because they were required to provide one for the ad.
  9. [​IMG]...

    Ad by the same person that made this picture?

    /not me.
    //notice how my question deflects focus away from me as the poster of that pictue so I don't look like quite as big an @rsehole?
  10. The proof reading in this months' mag is particularly bad. I have picked up several errors in the editorial and adverts sections.
    They shouldnt hire work exp students any more :p
    I keep subscribing though.......