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2006 MotoGP Preview and Predictions [Long]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Well after a seemingly never ending wait for the GP season to start up, I can finally shake my boredom induced crack habit and get down to enjoying what the best of the MotoGP boys have to offer.
    The worlds fastest bikes.
    The worlds best tracks.
    The worlds worst haircuts.
    After reading some spilled goat entrails in a Pat Pong bar, I am able to make the following mind blowing predictions for the year ahead:

    1. Set your faces to stun…

    Barring injury Rossi will win again. Woohoo!!
    I really took a risk with this one didn’t I.
    This year may be a bit different as he will be pushed by the newer generation of racer. Melandri, Pedrosa, Stoner and Hayden will all be ones to watch out for as they scramble to become the top dogs in the worlds best racing league. While it is a shame to see Biaggi and Barros gone, I think both of these guys held onto there seats for too long via sponsorship dollars rather than balls to the wall racing skills. I actually think no one will ever beat Rossi. He is almost guaranteed to nick off to F1 next year. Coupled with a reduction to 800 cc and a loss of Rossi, MotoGP is looking a little shaky for the future.

    2. Battle of the round black things…

    What will determine how well both Kawasaki and Ducati run this year come down to tires. Hiding under that massive red fairing, the Ducks are actually great motorcycles. As the Bridgestone got better and better in 2005, they started to look really fast. The tiny little Capirossi can still ride and while we all may hate Gibernau (He cannot help he has great hair) he is still very, very quick. They have two quick riders, a good bike, so it is up to the tires to do there job.
    Kawasaki keep promising some brilliance, and they always make a fast looking bike (this is the most important thing), so I am hoping they take the next step in performance. Plus I like green…
    I think the Suzuki’s will struggle again. They could take the indicators off and clad a GSXR1000 in huge amounts of carbon fibre and probably do a better job. Bad news for Hopper and Chris V, but they will both have to ride there pants off trying to keep up with the rest. Settle down ladies.
    Any Michelin rubbered Yamaha or Honda will still fly…
    Any Dunlop Rider will be heaped with scorn and laughed at…

    3. Can the WSBK guys cut it…

    As Rossi dominated the middle part of 2005, Colin Edwards started to look fairly slow. He struggled to hold on to 2 nd place at Laguna Seca, a track where he must of done a billion laps. I really like the guy because he says interesting things in interviews, but it may be his last chance in a full factory tier team in MotoGP. Perhaps leading a Yamaha R1 assault on WSBK in 2007?
    Chris V will have his job cut out for him trying to beat John Hopkins, because you must always beat your team mate first. I wish him the best of luck because he seems like a nice guy but Hopper is very quick.
    Unbelievably Carlos Checa has landed another ride on a satellite Yamaha on Dunlops. Oh to be Spanish and annoyingly good looking…

    One other thing to watch out for will be the very small grid this year. MotoGP will either have to cut racing costs or charge the punters nine bucks for a luke warm VB at the events to make the series viable for the long term. They have already lost Sito Pons for a year and that is a shame. WSBK is having a resurgence in popularity due to the reduced racing cost of production motorcycles and a single tire supplier. There are about ten guys who have a chance to win a WSBK race on any weekend. It is only a handful in MotoGP that can challenge Rossi.

    So you can say farewell to sleep on Sunday nights. The MototGP boys prepare for another season long assault on top of the world’s baddest arsed bikes. Remind me to tell the boss I going to be late in on Monday….
  2. well the good news is that 2 years after everyone else with any brains came to the same conclusion, honda have realised they need to offload the old whingeing brigade and get some new talent in. despite this however, i'm still with you elmarco, rossi will be pretty much unbeatable.
    But i reckon he will have more wins taken off him than last year by the likes of melandri, hayden and even the spanish midget (mr. personality pedrosa) and possibly the aussie pot-head as well (stoner).
    Either way, this year shapes up as being heaps more interesting than the last, and i can't wait for round 1 to kick off. Sunday nights just haven't been the same.