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NSW 2006 Husqvarna SM 610

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by gnashbritches, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    This is a repost from a supermoto-specific board, so apologies to anyone who's reading this twice. As I said on the other board this is a regrettable first post to make, and I hate having to ask a favour before I've even got to know the community, but I'm trying all avenues and would really appreciate any input.

    The bike was stolen last night out the front of my house in Darlinghurst. I f**cking LOVED this bike so I'm really floored by it. Have invested heaps of time bringing it back to standard after the P.O. really did a number on it. The money is one thing, the time is another.

    Anyway, thought I'd post up some details in case anyone had any ideas on what I could do - or at least just a pat on the back. First time having a bike stolen so any tips or suggestions would be great.

    I've added it to the Stolen Dirt Bike register, but here are some more distinguishing features too:

    - 06 SM 610, grey/black plastics, mostly 100% standard.
    - There's a tear on the back of the seat near the release pin.
    - Plastics are pretty scuffed due to luggage from touring on it.
    - There's a scuff on the right hand rear model number, the "SM 610" sticker is noticeably warn through.
    - Clutch lever is snapped in half and wrapped with insulation tape from a recent droppage.
    - Muffler has a Giant Loop clamp/bracket on it for luggage.
    - Fork covers have Dunlop stickers on them.
    - New Avon Distanzia tyres which are pretty distinctive.
    - Had one of those rego-tubes for the sticker right above the number plate
    - Has BMW/Aprilia mirrors and thin LED indicators which are different to standard
    - Has black tape around the back of the fan from fallen off rubber.

    Below are a number of photos showing some of the features described...

    Scuffed Plastics by Gnash Britches, on Flickr

    Front of Bike by Gnash Britches, on Flickr

    Mirrors by Gnash Britches, on Flickr

    Cooling fan by Gnash Britches, on Flickr

    Side View by Gnash Britches, on Flickr
  2. Never had one stolen myself, but have had friends who've had dirt bikes stolen.

    Also used to live in a neighbourhood where there was always kids riding around on unregistered dirtbikes - always painted in the same shade of hastily applied grey primer. Cops would pick them up occasionally, but they'd just steal another bike and be back on the roads probably before the owner of the last one they stole was even informed their trashed bike had been found.

    Pity they don't treat bike thieves the same way they used to treat horse thieves.
  3. Unfortunately I can't offer advice etc.......

    Very sorry to hear about this mate,.......She is a peach of a bike......fingers crossed it works out.....

    Chin up mate :D
  4. Cheers BitStar & jd!