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2006 Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Whitey, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. 2006 Honda VTR250 [SOLD]

    Time to sell the 250 as upgrade has happened

    Honda VTR250
    15250 km
    Rego until March 2011
    Red with Gold wheels
    Oggy (ozzy) knobs
    All services done by Honda Dealer & stamped service book (1000k, 6000k, 12000k)
    Bridgestone BT45's - still plenty of life left
    Roadworthy will be supplied

    Reliable bike and very clean



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  2. whatcha upgrading to?
    can i come test ride?
  3. nibs i think he wants to sell it, not be paid out. :)
  4. Q1. Not sure yet. Shortlist consists of about 12 different bikes
    Q2. Sure you can Nibs. Buy first, test ride second.

    However, what about "Niblet's New Ride". Surely he needs something to learn on.

  5. shed full of 1098 pocket bikes ;)
  6. Won't you need another spare bike soon........
  7. *Price drop*
  8. *Contact details updated*
  9. ** Price Drop **
  10. Surprised this hasn't gone yet - fantasic learners bike in spotless condition.
    Don't let the crappy Melbourne winter weather put you off - buy it now ;)
  11. Like BB said "Buy it now". Updated details as km's clicked over 15000k's. Bike is now advertised elsewhere also.

  12. I would of though nibor would of bought it by now :p
  13. i dont buy VTRs, i seduce them :p
  14. I have my upgrade bike now so I need to get rid of this one.

    Updated price
  15. Over 2000 views & still no interest. There seems to be too many VTR's up for sale at the moment. Surely someone wants to buy this bike.

    The weather WILL start to warm up soon.

  16. Might be interested - looking for a bike for the missus and I fondly recall my little VTR....
  17. If you're interested let me know by PM or phone & we'll see what we can work out.

  18. Bike is still for sale. Need to get it out of the garage soon

  19. Bike is now SOLD. thanks
  20. about time somebody snapped this up, hope you didn't have to let it go for a song.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.