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VIC 2006 Honda CS Cycle - Coburg

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Uniquemotorbike, May 27, 2015.

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    stolen yesterday 26/5/15 from coburg at the old prentridge prison site, in woiwurung crescent, off murray road, coburg in secured parking. wheels and steering were locked. would have been lifted by 3-4 blokes onto a trailer or a van.

    2006 honda solo cs cycle, royal blue and bright yellow colouring, vin no.. jh2sc57u36m200787, serial no. 1031325, engine no.sc57e2233160, registration no. ft533.

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  2. Another one gone. Scumbags.
  3. edited to change ALL CAPS.....
  4. Geez, they really wanted that bike. Very sorry to hear it and hope it's found soon.
  5. Probably best to refer to it as a Honda CBR1000rr when posting. The CS Solo thing is just what vicroads refer to it on the Rego. Hope you find it. Fairly rare color combo which may help.
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  6. hope you get it back & the scum gets what owed to them
  7. thanks I hope so too.
  8. Would it be coincidence that one in the same colour just started turning up in Darwin city? If I was to have a closer look is there anything you could give me that might eliminate it as yours?
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    Hi there, there are a couple of things. 1. Only done 1.300 kms 2. Front guard has thin black new world sticker on it 3. Valve caps are annoidised blue 4. Running light in the middle is LED blue. 5. Headlights when turned on a brighter white with slight tinge blue.

    Chain would be surface rusted because it was sitting in locked carport in secured parking and also chain. Front frame head stem serial number centre punch mark.

    if you suspect that this could be my bike can you please get contact details of the seller as I might have someone that could look at it. Thanks

    The rego is FT533
  10. Based on what you gave me, and it was a long shot, whilst the colour scheme is the correct scheme, it doesn't have a new world sticker, or blue anodised valve caps. I could not inspect the electronics (and therefore I could not check the odometer).
  11. Th
    Really appreciate your efforts. The sticker was world Honda. Thanks anyway.
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