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2006 Honda CBF250 v 2006 Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WCRider, May 10, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls,

    Just a little intro before i seek some of your assitance.. my names Phill,
    just moved to Melbourne from Perth.. and after years of dreaming about getting my motorbike license i'm finally doing it. Looking at a few bikes but i dont know anyone personally who has a bike etc.. So i know you guys are probably sick and tired of these questions.. but i really have noone else to ask. I like both bikes but not to sure as the CBF250 doesnt get many mentions for yay or nay on these forums as the VTR does. Any help for a naive rider would be much aprpeciate even if its to direct me to a previous thread.. i just cant find any.. ride wise are they very similar? i.e. accelration and driveability..?

    Thanks for taking the time to read anyways.. and i look forward to going through the process and one day riding along side you guys/girls.


  2. i'd imagine the CBF is slower acceleration, not as sharp and interesting through the corners. Its a little single cylinder jobbie, basically the role is to replace the CB250. So a commuter bike.

    the VTR has a nice torquey engine, and is beautifully balanced... V-Twin engines sound very very nice with a pipe...

    I honestly can't say from experience about the CBF, but i was in the position of looking at both, and was told by a number of people that i'd get bored on the CBF after a while, where the VTR has enough to keep you interested for a few years as you improve.

    I'd say the VTR would be better suited to perth as Perth is more spread out, and the two cylinders would cruise better.

    VTR is amazing through twisties too :LOL:

    Have a sit on both bikes to see what suits you. I found the CBF very uncomfortable to sit on (something to do with the seat width and the tank shape), but which bike feels better is down to personal opinion.

    Have you made your mind up about getting a CBF or a VTR? there are plenty of other good bikes out there...

    but the VTR is the best :p
  3. Hey ihaveduff,
    Thanks for the speedy reply... ummm yeah pretty much.. im not sold on the hyosungs/ZZR's preferred a naked.. and the VTR n CBF keep coming up.. not a fan of the across or cibbeys.. i love the monster.. so im leaning heavily to the VTR... i think i just made my mind up just then ahaha. wat bikes am i missing btw? i live in melbourne now.. so i need a bike that can take a beating although you being from sydney the roads there are woeful.. the VTR could handle melb roads with ease.


  4. Also check out the GSF250V bandit (the one with vtec), it's a 4 cylinder so will have a fair bot more poke than the twin, and they look great. Just over 4 grand will bag you one.

    I would also recommend a Spada (kind of a predecessor to the VTR), but with VTR prices low at the moment (there were a couple under $4k in this week's trading post) they dont really make for good buying.

    The VTR is better simply because components won't be as old, but don't diss the bandito, good bikes.
  5. bandits are great bikes, but i found them overpriced when i was looking for one.

    Why not get a Monster?... I know the 620 is learner legal up here in NSW... could be different in Vic
  6. Hey Guys,

    thanks for the help...yeah ill look into the bandit.. always looking to expand my horizons.. the spada.. dont reli like, much prefer the look of VTR. MOnster a no go here for L's in VIC as far as i know.. 250's only. If i could get a monster i wouldnt be here on the net.. id be down in the shops sitting on my new ducati monster... love the monster.. if only i lived in NSW. but im not moving again. 1 massive move is more than enough for me.. im also liking the Honda Hornet.. im gonna go down this w.e and park my a*se on them see wat i like..
    thanks alot
    cheers boys.
    keep the advice coming.
  7. I've only ridden the HART CBs (also known as CBFs?), had a new VTR for a day, and discussion with friend who test rode new CBF...

    CB has upright seating position, VTR slight lean.
    CB is an absolute learner bike, VTR bit more grunt.
    VTR more expensive, but holds value well.
    VTR has more options to customize?
  8. vtrs are absolutly bulletproof. ive abused, mishandled, come off 3 ways, ridden everywhere in any conditions and the squat little ugly bastard has just smiled at me and uttered bring it on biatch!
    im not a fan of i4s of any persuasion, especailly not 15 year old grey imports, but if you like the bandit why not? just dont expect the longevity of the VTR if you are planning on keeping it.

    just in case you hadnt already made up your mind :wink:

  9. VTR250's a much better bike, but it is also a lot more expensive than the CBF250. You can get a really good second hand VTR250 for less than a CBF250 brand new. I know what I would be doing....
  10. Go the VTR.

    I ride one and cannot fault it in any way whatsoever.

  11. vtec is just a honda thing is it not?
  12. Begin shameless plug for a VTR250 from fanboy:

    I Had a VTR250 2004 with a staintune pipe until this monday (sob)

    Lovely bike, grunty commuter and fun enough to mean you can really enjoy a proper ride without feeling like you are on a pissweak scooter. The V-twin is definately torquier down low around town and through the rev range than the bandit (or at least the 15 year old i4 250 I had a fang on), and therefore 'feels' more powerful.

    Until you are at 'freeway speeds' and you miss the lack of top end. Those extra HP would have come in handy, but only then I reckon, most of the time with judicious gearbox work and anticipation the VTR is adequate at speed. Did a few long trips on the VTR and it was super comfortable too- especially with a screen fitted, and a tank bag to lean on. I rotated the bars back a little to lower them, which meant I wasnt sitting up as high and could tuck down a bit.

    I often envied spada riders their clip-ons. If you were keen it would be easy to fit clip-ons to a VTR and have the perfect sportsbike training machine. You'd get used to the position, with a very safe, predictably powered and solid handling bike.

    Would look horn too :cool:

    Anyway, after 15 months I haven't got a single bad word to say about the VTR. I could divulge in detail on kiddie-sized fuel bills, quick handling and the fact that it splits lanes like a hot knife through butter. If I was smart it would be still be in the garage, gleaming and looking like a 10+grand bike. Perfect for my needs and 75% of my riding - Inner city melbourne peak traffic rain hail or shine. (mostly, just leaden, oppressive skies and banked up traffic with inviting gaps).

    Soon I will no doubt be feathering an overpowered machine gingerly where I used to give it a bit on the VTR knowing it would never do anything unexpected. Loved the sound with the staintune - original pipe lasted like a week!

    Anyway, my VTR gone to a fellow netrider, so he/she's gone to a good home.

    I've got a few weeks to make up my mind, and believe me...if you thought deciding what 250 to buy was a bit of a head-scratcher, wait until you get off restrictions!
  13. whoops double post, really love VTRs! :grin:
  14. Yeah I spose they did trademark it.

    Perhaps it's VVTi...oops that's toyotas name for it.

    It certainly has variable valve timing on the locally released 250V's which were released circa 2000 (V for variable).

  15. Thanks heaps everyone..
    i really appreciate all your comments and thoughts..
    gonna now start looking for my first bike!! a honda
    VTR250 hopefully in matte black. :) :grin:

    cheers everyone.

    Phill (WCRider)
  16. Matte black = hot... matches my helmet :LOL:
  17. not unless i beat you too it :p :grin: matte black looks awesome on them.

    im the same as you, just got my Ls, looking for first bike. also pretty much sold on a VTR250 anyway. sat and oogled @ a Monster for 10min today while i was waiting for a mate :LOL:

    all i ever seem to heard about the VTR is good news. cheap on fuel, handles well, has enough guts for a 250 to be fun, holds value very well, can take pretty much anything.

    only thing ive deciden on atm, is not buying new. sure its super shiny and you get to put on the first Km's, but you lose $1k as soon as u walk out the door, then some if you seel in 2 years or so. buying 2ndhand and selling in 2 years youll only lose $1k or so. and considering how pov i am, i need as much as i can get :p