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2006 GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by firefling, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Anybody know of any articles/reviews on this bike?

    I'd be interested to know if they lowered the bike too :wink:
  2. MCN ran a feature last week. I can email the pages to you if you PM your email address.
  3. Put your mouse over the email symbol under my sig :)
  4. Ah yes :roll:

    On it's way :D
  5. Thank you!! :)
  6. No worries, let me know if you don't get anything in the next few minutes & I'll resend (my pc almost threw a thrombie half-way through).

    Enjoy ;-)
  7. Great! I like the look of the bike. Kinda reminds me of an animal ready to pounce. Can't wait for more details :D
  8. Getting tired of the SV, Minna?
  9. Nah, just wanna try something different :D
  10. Reminds me of an ice sculpture left too close to an outdoor gas heater.
  11. and you told me V-twins were the best :LOL:
  12. Doesn't mean that I can't enjoy riding a inline 4 for a while :)
  13. http://www.mcnews.com.au

    there you go, hope this is some help to you..[/url]
  14. arg you have already got it.. oh well