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2006 GSX-R1000 - Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by corrupt_tiki, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I was wondering how could I get more power from a Suzi GSX-R1000

    - Are they restricted in any way like the 'busa?

    - Also will a set of racing pipes make that much difference?

    - Would Racing pistons(high comp) put out that much more power?

    Any other suggestions to get more power would be appreciated
  2. Power commander and exhaust usually can get about 10 more hp up from 162HP stock 05/06 GSXR 1000. Blue-printed bikes at Isle of man were quoted at 180 HP. There are big bore kits that give 2mm bigger bore and take capacity to 1043. combined with head job and 1mm bigger inlet valves, remove balance shaft and clutch mods with high octane fuel gave 200 + HP. I guess the most cost effective improvement would be the exhaust and Power Commander. They are already kick arse motors and the more output the less reliable they become with lower intervals between rebuilds. Dyno tuning would be essential.
  3. The only restriction I know about is the electronic speed limiter that was put on all Japanese big bore bikes since 2002. That is, the ones capable of 300 kph +. I don't know how the limiting works on all makes and models but as far as I know, Suzuki has a electronic feed from the speedo and as 299 kph is reached in 6th gear, one of the fuel injectors is shut down on every other power stroke. There is a module made by Power Commander that bypasses the speed limiter and I can't recall what it's called. Another way (I think), if you are into top speed runs (on lake Gairdner of course!), is to change the sprocket so it achieves theoretical maximum in fifth but that would bugger up your acceleration. GSXR experts may have other methods to derestrict the bike. I personally think that 299 is fast enough on public roads and there aint no race tracks in Australia where a stock bike can reach 300+
    A good exhaust system, power commander and dyno tune may release a few neddies.