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2006 GPX won't start.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Krollinator, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Alright, my first post here. I'm just looking for any help I can get from people who obviously know a lot more than I do about motorbikes!

    Anyway, about four months ago I did my Q-ride course and got my license. Went and bought my first 2006 GPX 250 with 30,000 on the clock. Came with RWC and rego, recently serviced by team moto less than a month ago. Had been service history. A few days ago, hit a pothole and speedbump consecutivly and disaster struck. I went one way, the bike went the other. Luckily I'd invested in plenty of good gear which made me come out with only minor road rash and a bit of whiplash / bruising.

    The bike - from what i'm told - instantly hit the ground on the left hand side and slid (side stand side). Fairing cracked, indicators broke off, exhaust scratched, clutch lever broke off. Within 5 minutes the bike was upright and off the road and I was on my way to hospital. Normal day in queensland autumn. cloudy, no rain, probably about 22deg. cel. Bike was recently fueled up with 98 Octane to full. Bike had been running like a dream previously. Had a slow start up (meaning the choke had to be on for 5 - 10 mins for it to comfortably run) which I have been told is standard from this bike.

    All the cosmetic damage I can fix, and I'm reasonably mechanically sound, but I've never really worked on a bike before. I'm comfortable pulling fairing off ect, I just don't really have an idea what could be wrong with it - and I would like to check what i can before i have to take it too a mechanic! It has been under a RJays bike cover since the accident (mate brought it home on a trailer) but it has been raining quite heavily - so I'm not sure if moisture could be a factor?

    When I try to start it, it seems to crank over (I think) but it won't start. So, it sounds just like it would when it used to start, and it gets to the stage just before the engine would roar to life. I've tried it with choke off, choke 1/2, choke full and the same with the throttle. Oil is the right colour. Tried all the methods with the kickstand down and also on the centrestand. Also on no stand and being held up. It would have been four days since the accident, and so four days since it had been running. Before that it had been ridden every day during the week and usually at least once on the weekend since I had bought it. (I liked riding)

    So, from what I've been reading over the internet, it could be the spark plugs or carbs? But I'm really just taking stabs in the dark here. They just seem like very general answers. I haven't had a chance to do it yet as I'm still in a frail state, but in the next week I should be able to get moving on it.

    Sorry for making it so long - but the sticky said to try and be as detailed as you can, so that's what I've done. If there's any other factors anyone needs to know, please post so I can reply!

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
  2. I have the same bike, easy thing to try is set the fuel tap to off and try to start it. That will empty out the carbs and it might come to life after a bit of cranking.
  3. Silly question but have you looked at the kill switch? Also make sure its in neutral too.
  4. You can check for spark by removing the spark plug, then putting the lead back on, holding the metal bit of the plug against the engine (so it's grounded) and briefly hit the starter. You should see a nice spark if it's OK.
  5. I shall give that a go when it's not bucketing down rain, thanks.

    It's in neutral and the kill switch was checked and double checked!

    Anyone got any idea where the spark plugs are on a GPX?
  6. Do you have an Owner's Manual for the bike? Otherwise, go to youtube and type in something like "Change spark plugs gpx250". Even if you don't get the same year or model, it'll probably be similar.
  7. Top of engine, under the fuel tank. May be able to remove side fairings to get to them but much easier with tank off. Check out faq.ninja250.org they are a gpx bible and best friend. If you are still having trouble I could come have a look middle of the week?
  8. My gpx can be hard to start after it hasn't been ridden for a while. I often find it's faster to roll start it. You don't need to get up much speed, but it's easier if you can roll down a slight hill.

    Put it in neutral, turn on the ignition, choke about 1/4 on, roll, kick the gear lever into first (some people say second, but I find first easier), roll on the throttle as/if it starts to come to life.

    Worth a try.

    You have checked the fuel tap and tank, and kill switch. Hate to say it but plenty of us have made those mistakes.
  9. It's all good! I sat it up on the centre stand and tried it on and off for 15 mins. She eventually came to life! Love the sound of it. Let it run playing with the choke at different levels till she warmed up and was idling nicely.

    Couldn't take her for a ride as I have no clutch, :( but that is on it's way!

    Thanks for all the help guys. :)