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2006 Daytona or 2008 GSX R600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Myke, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Wondering what people's thoughts are with regards to the above bikes.

    Bought with the aim to do track days

    Looking around bikesales, both bike types can be had for around $7k, with around 30,000kms. The gsxr would be c.$500-1000 cheaper give or take a year.

    Opinions from owners and track addicts would be great please - or perhaps there are better options worth considering.
  2. Btw my experience with fixing up bikes is limited, so that restricts the option of looking at repairable write offs or older bikes or bikes with excessive kms
  3. I had a Daytona (08 model) for about 2 years, I still reckon its the best bike I've ever ridden. It was virtually stock (-1 front sprocket, slipon, rearsets, quick turn throttle). I took it to the track 5-6 times and heaps of mountain riding on weekends.

    In comparison I've got a cbr600rr which I've converted to a track/race bike and I've done everything to it and I still question if is as good as my old Daytona.

    The only criticism of the daytonas is they puff out on the long straights, they can't quite match the i4s, but unless your racing I think that's the last thing to care about, picking up the throttle and driving hard out of the corners is where the daytona excels.

    If you want to race a 600 it seems extremely clear that its an R6 or nothing (I wish I knew that when I started building a cbr)
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  4. Thanks - yup, at my skill level racing is a fair way away. This will be more of a beginner track bike to learn technique and discover errors.

    What about the cost of parts? how does the daytona compare to the cbr or the jap bikes in general?

    Also is there a general rule as to how old a bike/kms you would generally use for the track? i.e is say a 2002 Jap bike with 50,000kms getting into the realm of lots of tinkering?
  5. We sold a K6 1000 last year with 96,000kms on it, and it's still going strong with the new owner.
  6. If you are doing track days you might consider the cost of replacement parts, which Japanese has the definite edge.
  7. That's what I thought - but comparing random parts like, footrest, disc brakes, rear wheel for the two on the following websites seem to indicate that the cost is about the same and the 675 can actually be cheaper


    Haven't checked postage, but just using those sites as a proxy.

    Am I missing something?

    I even checked the prices of the rear swingarms.. and the 675 is cheaper
  8. I was morr thinking aftermarket parts