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2006 Daytona 675 Misfire

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Miniblu, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Sudden appearance of this fault. Cranking the motor with the plugs out shows only one plug firing. Has anyone had a similar issue? Seems odd to me that a fault should occur on 2 out of 3. HT stick coils all seem ok on impedance checks. Not sure what to do next, as I'm unfamiliar with electronic systems, other than take it to the dealer.

    An unfortunate side effect was the catalytic converter glowing cherry red, presumably from unburnt fuel being reacted, and the radiant heat from than caused two nearby cables (back brake switch maybe?) bursting into flames! Easily extinguished and no harm evident, except to my heart...
  2. Spark plugs do fail.
    I recently had one plug fail in my gsxr sounded like a vw!!

    Fitted 4 new plugs and I was back in business :)
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  3. Thanks for that idea, may be simple way to eliminate a potential issue.
  4. I owe you a slab, Nick! :playful: I was sceptical that 2 plugs would have failed simultaneously, but tested by changing the plugs on the leads, and the one plug fired regardless of the lead it was on, and the other two likewise failed irrespective of the ht lead. Of course it's possible that the bike was only running on two for a while, and that I didn't notice. I have no doubt it would have cost me more than a set of plugs if I'd taken it to the dealer.
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  5. Happened to me on my gixxer1000 at a track day. I thought I was being rounded up by a Ducati! turns out it was my bike running on 3. I was so stoked when I tracked it down to a stuffed plug. I was thinking new engine the way it sounded
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  6. I'm glad it helped you out mate :).
    You would of got stitched up at the dealer mate no doubt about it.
    It's very common thing for plug to die doesn't matter if there brand new or a few kms on them.
  7. They always die at the most inconvenient times mate.
    Mine was coughing farting and having a real hissy fit lol.