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2006 CBR600RR Wont Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BD60081, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with my 06 CBR600rr. Currently it will not start. Here is a desciption:

    Has been riding fine no issues since i purchased it a few months ago.
    The other day it would not click over and start. Basically i can turn key in ignition, turn the starter switch on, then proceed to press starter button. It fires but does not click over and start engine.
    I have put a new battery in that is charged, showing 12V on the multi resting. All fuses are fine.

    I will do the following tonight to try and diagnose:

    1. Use second key to check HISS (although current key has worked fine lasy few months);
    2. Check voltage of battery on start up to check loading;
    3. Jump off car battery to see if it will click over;
    4. Try a bump start on a hill in second;
    5. Maybe put some fuel in as it currently has one full bar showing, although this should be fine;

    I dont really want to check spark plugs as i assume they look to be nightmare to get too and pull out to check. The bike is still under Warranty till early 2009.

    I am not that good with electrics and related investigations. What else should/could i check before i take it to the shop and hand over potentially large amounts of cash. Could it be altenator, starter motor, fuel lines? How can i check these? Links to suitable pages that can help? I have searched this forum and a few others.

    Your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers.
  2. It's a Honda

    It's eaten its voltage regulator

    Replace regulator, and recharge your battery

    All will be well
  3. I assume you've checked the kill switch?
  4. Yep, kill switch is not a prob (I am assuming you mean the stand and the one on the handle bars).

    Yes, i have seen these regulators/rectifiers talked about alot on searching for an answer. Where are they located on the bike and where can one purchase them? Is it a simple pull out and replace job? or more detailed?

    Cheers, again.
  5. I've heard of bikes still turning over with the kill switch on... not the trusty old 9R though.
  6. Took the bike to a dealer. They recommend that the bike needs a "good long hard ride >60km and rev it out" as it is likely that there is some carbon build up in the valves/cyclinders. This should clear it out and all should be good. Not a charging/battery/regulator issue.

    Will be picking up this arvo and taking it for a ride on the doctors orders above...
  7. That doesn't sound right. It should still start easily.
  8. the same thing happened to my car!!

    i was like WTF its like a year old POS.. so i floored it and turned it on and POOF a huge big black (ok sounds a bit wierd) puff of smoke comes out and its fine, asked my mate and he said during 2nd gear i was too easy on it. (you try and save petrol and you still get f$@ed on!!!!! :twisted:

    give your bike the biggest blasting of its life :cool: